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  • Courtesy ClerkJune 10, 2017 to presentColorado Springs, Colorado
    Bag groceries for customers, assist customers out to their vehicles, and assist in the loading process.

    Additional duties consist of clean cash registers, ensure there are enough carts in the lobby area, visually inspect and clean restrooms and aisleways.
  • Parcel ClerkJuly 16, 2016 to May 25, 2017Bend, Oregon
    Ensure there are a sufficient amount of carts in the entrances, clean bathrooms, lunchroom, spills, and assist customers by carrying groceries or carts and load items into vehicles.
  • Fuel TechMay 22, 2014 to May 25, 2017Bend, Oregon
    Pump fuel into customers vehicles, assist customers in locating items, in addition to being a Cashier and ringing up purchases, and also ensuring that the till has sufficient amount of money out at any given time.
  • Team MemberAugust 7, 2013 to May 2014Sunriver, Oregon
    Stocked items on shelves, cleaned bathrooms, backroom, and floors, and assisted customers with groceries to vehicles.
  • Parking ServicesJuly 31, 2013 to August 4, 2013Redmond, Oregon
    Assisted automobiles into parking spots. Also provide superior customer service by helping people with directions to find their way.
  • Traffic assistantAugust 1, 2012 to August 5, 2012Redmond, Oregon
    Assisted people with parking.
  • NotetakerFebruary 2, 2012 to June 2012Bend, Oregon
    Take notes for people with disabilities.
  • proctorJune 27, 2011 to August 6, 2014Bend, Oregon
    Supervise students taking the placement tests.
  • ReporterMay 15, 2010 to February 2, 2012Bend, Oregon
    Interview people, then write articles
      In May 2011
      This was a sad undertaking. I interviewed one of my former professors who is leaving COCC after 19 years of teaching. However, I learned a ton about him that I didn't know before.
    • Meningitis
      Mar 2011 to Apr 2011
      Wrote about the horrors of bacterial meningitis.
    • Vaccinations and Colleges
      Nov 2010 to Dec 2010
      This was a fun article to write. This was an article on required vaccinations for Colleges/ community colleges.
    • Hauntings of Bend
      In Oct 2010
      This was an awesome project that the Broadside Newspaper underwent. We visited a graveyard at night where there were "supposed" lights. Didn't see any. However, I felt a presence push me.

      Then we went to Drake Park and saw nothing, except the eerie sound of flowing water at night.
    • Math
      In Sep 2010
      This was my first article of 2010 and it was a fine undertaking. I wrote about how COCC is changing the format of their math department from the traditional 2 day a week class where students sit at desks and listen and take notes. The new format consists of one class time, and then students utilize a new program on the computer where they complete assignments on the computer and get help on assignments by faculty members and tutors.
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  • Reporter/ Writer/ Fine Arts and Health ReporterMay 2010 to May 2013Bend, Oregon
    Interview people, then write articles.
  • Courtesy ClerkJuly 2008 to June 2009Bend, Oregon
    Customer service, sanitation, maintenance, stocking shelves
  • WorkerJuly 2007 to August 2007Bend, Oregon
    Housekeeping, yard work, cleaning bathrooms, mowed lawns.
  • WorkerJune 2006 to August 2007Bend, Oregon
    Mowed lawns for neighbors. Other duties included trimming, weeding, and sweeping sidewalks.
    • Housekeeping (hotel)
      Jul 2011 to present
      Seasonal housekeeper where I clean condominiums and provide service (meaning if they need soaps, toilet paper, towels, garbage dumped, etc) to visitors staying at Inn of Seventh Mountain.
    • Test Proctor
      Jun 2011 to present
      Supervise students taking placement tests and help troubleshoot the computers.
  • Class of 2016BiologyBend, Oregon
    Graduated with an Associates of Arts in Biological Sciences.
    • Psychology 215: Human Development
    • Psychology 202: Mind and Society
    • Psychology 201: Brain and Behavior
    • Human Anatomy and Physiology 1, 2, 3
    • Medical Terminology 1 and 2
    • Introduction to Study of Diseases
    • Biology 101, 103, 211, 212
    • Microbiology
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  • Human Development & Family StudiesBend, Oregon
  • Bend, Oregon
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