More than 700 women at the ADCCW Women’s Conference listen to Diane Foley and Sister Dominic Grace answer questions on their talks. #womensconference
Action alert! Contact your representatives asking for their support for the Conscience Protection Act.
NCCW is live at the MAC - #Mid Atlantic Congress!
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Carla Vivrette
· September 19, 2017
It is always such a learning and growing experience when I attend the convention. NCCW has become an integral part of my CCW experience, in my ministry at home, in my little part of the country. I a...m fed, nurtured, and encouraged by like-minded sisters, and experience fellowship with sisters from all over our land. I am blessed. See More
Donna Noble Gibson
· August 11, 2015
Thank you for your world view . Please pray -Prayers for Children·
June 15, 2016. Let us focus our prayers, blessings and positive thoughts on the hungry, the starving, the thirsty. Every 10 seconds ...a child dies of hunger. This is due not only to government mismanagement and war but also the drought. Throughout the world - Africa, South America, Canada, the Mediterranean, Central Europe, the United States and more - children and families are starving. Water is so scarce, crops cannot grow. Let us show our concern and continue our service to others in our neighborhood, our country, our world. "If we can conquer space, we can conquer childhood hunger." Buzz Aldrin
A reminder: June 20 - World Refugee Day.
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Dianne Vangness
· January 23, 2017
NCCW is a great organization for all Catholic Women. There is so much to hear, see and learn of our Catholic Faith. It also sponsors great leadership programs. It is the best sisterhood in our coun...try and world. See More
Joellyn Soler
June 26, 2012
I love to brainstorm, so i think if we asked every CCW member what their favorite event has been in 2012 so far this year and then share it with all the CCW's across the country,it could generate fun to join our CCW's? I would start with our 80th ACCW celebration in Mn. Ask me more- i love to share ideas!joellyn soler MCCW,President,Mpls,MN See More
Tracy Janis
· May 30, 2014
NCCW-an amazing organization of women who put their hearts into all they do for their parishes and communities. They are Catholic women who care!
Nanette Parratto-Wagner
· April 26, 2015
All Catholic women belong by virtue of our faith. It's up to each of to participate by virtue of our grace.
Ogwude Daniel
· January 20, 2015
I will be highly appreciative if this is equally replicated here in Africa and the rest of the world.
Joanne K Lewis
February 23, 2012
It's the high 80's today (and it's February 23rd) so West Palm Beach Fl. is the place to visit! Four of us toured the Historical Society Museum in the old Courthouse and had a lovely lunch at the Wes...t Palm Beach Country Club. See More
Mary Woltman
May 2, 2012
NCCW is a great Catholic Women's organization in the United States, an awesome forum for women ministering to women. Any woman of any age can find a connection. Become an active individual member and... get started. See More
Sarah Harding
· March 13, 2017
We need to do more to help women serve to their full potential.
Joby Parker
· February 4, 2015
You will never ever regret becoming part of this amazing organization!
Patricia Hall
· July 7, 2013
This is a great organization. Women helping women. Go to their website and you will get a lots of good information. Come and join us.
Chloe Giampaolo
· April 29, 2016
I am elated to belong to NCCW! Your posts on Facebook are wonderful!
Jean Kelly
February 10, 2012
This is the best way to stay informed!
Katie Boesch
· May 22, 2014
A wonderful organization. An honor to be a member
Jeanette Knauf
November 20, 2011
Great way to follow what's happening in the Council of Catholic Women
Adrian Alberto Santiago Colon
January 20, 2012
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Mike Peine
February 20, 2013
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