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Gloria J Morkin reviewed Nauti-Cat Cruises5 star

We had an unbelievable end to our cruise! We had no sooner docked than a squall moved in. We were told to get off the boat ASAP! Great timing! Glad we didn't opt for the sunset cruise! One minute the sun was shining and the bay was calm, the next minute it was wild! I've heard of this happening on the lakes but this is the first time I've experienced it! Great job by the Nauticat crew Mike Sutherland and his first mate/bartender! A very enjoyable cruise. ��

Keri Jacobsen-Clark reviewed Nauti-Cat Cruises5 star

Went on the Noon Cruise with our two boys (6 and 8) and had a wonderful time! It was very relaxing and fun. The crew were tops with their interaction with the passengers and are GREAT with kids. I highly recommend anyone going out on one of the cruises. Maybe our next one will be the Champagne Sunset Cruise next year! Great establishment!

My husband and I went on the Champagne Sunset Cruise, it was an amazing experience! This was a great way to get out on the water and enjoy some wonderful company of both locals and travelers. The captain and first mate/bartender were very friendly, full of awesome conversation, and did a great job attending to everyone's needs while managing the boat.

Betty Weite reviewed Nauti-Cat Cruises5 star

Outstanding people. Our group of 18 went out even though the weather was marginal yesterday. We were out about 45 minutes and enjoyed it but the Captain decided it was too rough so we returned early. The company returned everyone's full money paid for the trip. Outstanding customer service.

Linda Piotrowski reviewed Nauti-Cat Cruises5 star
July 6, 2017

Five of us went on the sunset cruise, 7:00-9:30 on July 5th. The captain and bartender were so friendly and fun to sail with. The catnip (drink) was as delicious as any Caribbean cocktail and the ride was VERY relaxing. Then to end the cruise, the partly cloudy skies opened up to one of the most spectacular sunsets that I have ever seen! Even the locals on the TC news channel were raving about it the next day. This was our 3rd trip on the NautiCat. It's always amazing! Well worth the money!

It was a wonderful boat, a pure Michigan day. Crew was fun and friendly. The ride was very pleasant. My only regret was I didn't take friends to share it with. A group outing would have been so fun.

Dawn Ray Anagnostopoulos reviewed Nauti-Cat Cruises5 star

Amazing experience from start to finish! A must do while in Traverse City!

Jill A. Little reviewed Nauti-Cat Cruises5 star

This was a happenstance experience that we would not trade in! Awesome music "House Music". The Captain is a very personable young man...talented. Great concept. Will do again next year.

Scott Nelson reviewed Nauti-Cat Cruises5 star

Not only do I speak for myself, but for all the guests I have provided LIMO BUS transportation to the "HAPPY HOUR CRUISE" . Yesterday was my 3rd Trip this season. I certainly enjoyed a 2 1/2 relaxing ride, and could only wish I could have tasted the "Cat Nip" lol.
My guests had nothing but good things to say and everyone showed a smile along with many laughs. Truly an experience one needs to do.

Sarah Oien reviewed Nauti-Cat Cruises5 star

First trip July 19th with my husband. We went on the late night music cruise. Definitely will be going again. It was an awesome experience with a great crew, great music, and tons of fun.