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Jamar Lamont Wingo
· February 6, 2018
This hospital has a blatant disregard for humans! Last Night, my wife and I had a horrible experience with this hospital including a few blatant lies. We were scheduled for an on-boarding/tour of the... maternity ward. This is the only tour in a three month period I could attend based on my work travel. We traveled 45 minutes from Vernon Hills(8 month pregnant wife) in horrible weather for this session. It was schedule at 8 pm, booked weeks ago. At 8:10, I went to the desk to inquire why no one had come to get us. The receptionist(Very Nice Lady) was surprised and called the maternity ward, which told her they were coming to get us. Another 10 minutes go by, the receptionist comes to us to say the session was cancelled and we should have been notified. This was a last minute lie after they were not prepared. The nurse offered for us to bring ourselves up to ask her questions, but she couldn’t show us anything because they were “busy and full”. I asked to speak with a supervisor about this experience, I was then told they had no one to help me, as the appointment was scheduled through a different company. I scheduled this session on the nch website.

Needless to say we were horrified by this first experience and how they would treat us even before we decided to deliver here. A completely unacceptable experience without even a basic apology for our experience. It was clear they had no interest in us being there, for what reason?? Not completely sure, but I have a few ideas!
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Maxwell Lawrence Patfield
· December 10, 2017
It's sad I even had to push one star place doesn't even deserve a circle absolute worst ER, doctors, nurses I have ever seen in my life that registered nurse that they gave me was the rudest Woman and... I've dealt with in a long time if I ask you for a doctor bring me a effing doctor don't come in there and then refuse to answer my questions and then expect me to turn around and pay for the hospital bill I absolutely hate the place I'll never step foot in that place if I'm lying in a pool of blood 5 feet from it I tell him to take me to a different hospital even if there is a chance of me bleeding out before I got there. In the Northwest community Hospital replies to this with their call so-and-so so-and-so you're going to hear some foul language and a real quick click of me hanging up because there's nothing they can say or do that's going to make me forget the worst most rude staff at the hospital that I've ever seen. See More
Laura Slusar
· November 28, 2017
Ok so i went to the ER yesterday. The man at the information booth was really friendly, as well as the staff in the check in center. The wait wasn't that bad. The following tests and CT scan results a...nd lab work had to take awhile anyway, so i cant blame the timing at all once i was actually in the bed and in a room. The only criticism is that I wish my blood lab work was shown and explained to me or I at least had a printed copy of the results. Otherwise, everyone was really nice and totally nonjudgmental about everything. The doc who treated me was Sandra Busko and she was really kind too. The whole NCH MyChart thing is awesome as well and theyre helping me out a lot with future PCPs and resources. I think its a good hospital network, absolutely. See More
Sheri Werner Settipani
· January 22, 2018
Northwest Community Hospital’s Administration made a very poor decision to subcontract services for radiology (X-rays, MRI’S, CT Scans etc) and pathology (lab work - blood tests, urinalysis etc). Arli...ngton Ridge is the hospital’s lab who hires pathologists who are all OUT OF NETWORK. As a patient, I had no choice as to who read my lab reports even though I saw an in network doctor AND went to an in network hospital. Whatever charge your insurance may or may not pick up, the lab will still balance bill you for the remainder of the service. Honestly I think it’s criminal. Again as a patient, I did my due diligence and went to an in network Dr. and an in network hospital and still got balanced billed from an out of network pathologist. The hospital has no control as to how the lab bills it’s patients but they do have control as to who they contract services with. I’m taking my business elsewhere. See More
Sean Kenefick
· December 23, 2017
Called ahead because my wife cracked her two front teeth. I asked if we should even come in given she wasn’t in immeasurable pain. They told me they had an oral surgeon on site and that we should sh...ow up ASAP because they could create a temp solution. We jumped in the car and drove to the hospital immediately after the conversation. Upon arrival we were told there was no oral surgeon on site and that the ER doc would make the decision. I explained how we were convinced to arrive based on the advice over the phone and the staff was largely uninterested. Now, after waiting for more that 1.5hrs w/o seeing a doc and no guarantee that my wife will get her teeth temporarily repaired, I’m feeling duped after a 1hr car ride and 1.5hr wait...where’s the accountability? See More
Jenny Choi Chang
· October 26, 2017
If anyone's kids has to start physical therapy, i highly recommend NOT going to the northwest community hospital's pediatric physical therapy dept. They charged us over $500 per 1 hour session (before... insurance) even though about 3/4 of the hour my daughter was crying so the PT would want us to take "breaks". (My younger daughter is delayed in her gross motor skills.) And then the PT would tell my then 11 mo daughter to play with his beard (what the freaks?!)....which was his way to try and calm her down....which obviously shows he does not know how to work with babies. In the 4 sessions we were there, she made ZERO improvements so we pulled her out and took her to another pediatric PT and within 2 wks of going to the new PT (who continues to work with her even when she is crying), she started to crawl, stand, etc. So save your money and time and do NOT go to Northwest community hospital's pediatric physical therapy dept. See More
Stacy Murphy
· February 1, 2018
I faxed orders myself and called to schedule the appointments I needed for 6 tests. They were 20 min late for a 6:30 am appointment and was told they scheduled it for the wrong department. Now I am... waiting for my other tests (just simple xrays) and they are not on time for that either. Still have one test that none of these rocket scientists know where to go. Should have gone to Lutheran General. See More
Jennifer Walker
· November 11, 2017
The care here has gone downhill. They no longer care for the patient. I arrived at the lab at 1147 when their website and doors say they are open until noon. They inform me they are closed. I lo...ok at the clock. It's not noon. We close at 1145. Your website says noon. Sorry.. we close at 1145. I'm a type one diabetic that has been fasting ...i heard them ask the tech... his response... not my problem she should have been here earlier. Note my sugars were such that it was Illegal for me to drive earlier. If I would have known they closed at 1145 I wouldn't have made the trip as I knew leaving my eta was 1146. The tech was just being an was. I remember when their employees cared. See More
Matthew Horvath
· December 23, 2017
Worst visit ever. Doctor didn’t even treat me properly I left there feeling the same way when I went in. Rude nurses and didn’t even seem like they cared. The doctor did not address my pain and only c...hecked my heart levels and did not even come back to ask how I was feeling before I was discharged. Going to contact a lawyer once i get figured out what’s wrong with me. Horrible treatment. See More
Lakotah Reyna
· September 6, 2017
I went to the ER and the nurses, not all were empathetic. Slightly rude. Like I was treated as if I was faking what was happening to me. I didn't want to go there. I wanted to see my primary, but my p...rimary sent me there because she was concerned and wanted me to go thru the tests she needed done to find out what I making me sick.
I was alone they did not want give me meds to treat my pain or symptoms because there was no one to drive me home. I get that, I understand but don't treat me rudely and like I'm a pain in their ass.
Had to get angry and tell them to speak directly to my primary, I never wanted to go the ER. I was sent there.
I'm assuming they spoke with my doctor, because tests were done, blood was taken and the end rude nurses attitude were different.
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Michelle Stein Goldberg
· February 5, 2018
This place is DISGUSTING!!! I am a nurse, and I brought my husband here for stitches on 2/3/18. They broke so many infection control rules that I actually started to record the placement of the stitc...hes to prove why he is going to get an infection!!! This was my first and last time EVER coming to this hospital for any type if treatment. If I was dying, I would tell the ambulance driver to pass Northwest Community Hospital and take me straight to the cemetery. Wish I could share the video... See More
Missy Corson-Klein
· September 4, 2017
ER Dr. Was extremely rude and unprofessional to my husband after his Dr told him to go there due to his pancreatitis getting worse for over a week.Not only would she not call or consult with his Dr.,... but she basically threw him out of the ER. The next morning, his Dr was so upset that he MET us at the ER again and now my husband is in a hospital room getting the IV fluids and pain medication he should have received to begin with. I actually dropped him off the 2nd time because I was so disgusted with this place. Thank GOD I am associated with LGH docs since birth. NCH is becoming the new Holy Family before it was finally shut down. Terrible. See More
Jessica Vargo
· October 25, 2017
Their customer service is the worst. Sent my bill to collections before I could even pay it. Didn't even leave me a message even though they said they did. Refused to even try to contact me about m...y bill. Never will go to this health system again. See More
Tabitha Petkovich
· September 9, 2017
2nd star is for the two ob /gyn staff I saw during the SEVEN HOURS they had me there today. I came in after fainting/hitting my head while my husband was gone. I'm 33 weeks pregnant and couldn't recal...l how I fell so obviously we wanted to make sure everything was ok. They admitted me quickly, but the staff all seemed clueless. They got blood all over my arm during the IV. After the first two hours the original doctor left without any diagnosis. The ob /gyn staff even seemed annoyed. I didn't eat. They didn't even offer anything to drink until hours later. There was discussion of moving me "upstairs" but that never happened. They finally decided they wanted me to go for a cat scan. Then they wanted to give me another dosage of rogam. I went to the bathroom twice before anyone said they wanted a urine sample and even then I had to page someone for a cup. The nurse gave me my rogam in my arm and she seemed to have no idea what she was doing. I told her last time it was in my lower back muscle. So I'll be calling my actual doctor to make sure that's safe. I understand it was an ER and while they didn't seem busy at all, they should've moved me upstairs if they were. Or if they had no ob/gyn training. There's no way I should've had to stay there that long. They told me initially 4 hours tops. The ER staff was slow and didn't seem very competent. See More
Lisa Smith
· October 20, 2017
This hospital has by far the worst ICU. The nurses are mean, rude, negative, and have no sense of compassion. My relative was at this hospital and every progress that I held on to, they made sure to s...hut it down and everyday stated that we should not hold on to him (keep your opinions to yourself). Then, how can I forget about the nurse Danielle- she has awful people skills and should really consider changing her profession. Families are there because there family is fighting to live, and should not have to deal with these nurses speaking to them any way they'd like. Just know that if you are being asked questions it's because we want to know how our relative is doing, and not to bother you. If you can avoid this place then do so. See More
Jodie Colvin
· July 29, 2017
The ER physician was so arrogant and rude. I'll never go there again. My newly inserted nasal feeding tube (basically so I don't die from malnutrition) came out slightly and had to be forced back in.... After trying 2 times, there was then a kink in the line in the intestines. (Nothing could be flushed through the line, it was clogged kind of like a garden hose gets a kink in the line). He told me to go home, that someone else needed the room and he could do nothing else for me. Oh great! Thank you Doc. It's only my life line and only means of nutrition. He couldn't care less and basically told me to leave. Nice bed side manner and great job at putting patients first Dr. Hussain! See More
Ashley Catalan
· December 13, 2017
1 Star is too many. The ER staff did not check my husbands neck or back after his car accident. 2 weeks later we have been to the primary care doctor, ER, & immediate care. Immediate care has been the... only ones with any sort of help. No pain treatment was given and he told them he had a headache pain of 10. Worst hospital and staff. Dr. Jakoni also gave him an intestinal infection 2 months ago by prescribing him too many Z Packs. See More
Tina Hendricks-Lynn
· September 5, 2017
Great hospital the nurses are very loving and caring and the drs are very thoughtful and through. My daughter is still there going through something very tramatic with her mental state and the care sh...e is getting is top notch and the best hospital overall I've seen in years. Kudos to a wonderful staff and hospital. See More
Sang Cho
· November 14, 2017
I had colonoscopy done at nch in June. BCBS covers 100% of procedure. Yet nch billed me for $214. I asked them to resubmit to BCBS and they refuse. BCBS can't pay what nch does not submit. I am now st...uck with this bill at collections because neither BCBS or nch would do anything to help me. I liked physicians at this network but,with this experience, I am not returning to the network. You have lost my whole family as potential current/future patients. See More
Katie Ori
· September 14, 2017
Being raised on the Northshore ( Highland Park)... learned to have and want the best doctors and hospitals etc. Well I am giving a Shout to Northwest Community Hospital in Arlington Hts! They were FAN...TASTIC with my son and now I am confident in 3 weeks I will be in good hands for my surgery!! � See More

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