My new track on Spotify ( "Doorz" First compilation of Noizion recordz)

A Stumble in My Spirit
Nekochan · Doorz
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This is a new music-video about "Doorz" V.A Compilation I participated in !

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Neko Chan updated their cover photo.

My new track on the first compil of Noizion recordz here:

artwork by : my.head

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Hi my friends!! My new track " A stumble in my spirit" is out on the First Compil "Doorz"of Noizion recordz !! (with Sicaa, Piktogram, Illektré, AltaZer, my.head, Gunstone, hubwar and many more )

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Noizion recordz
Record Label
Noizion recordz is in Lyon, France.

[NZNVA001] - "Doorz" - Out Now !

1- Sicaa - Outback feat. JAMALSKI OFFICIAL
2- Neko Chan - A Stumble In My
3- Piktogram - Ghostery
4- Nasty J VS LeTo - José Basé
5- AltaZer - Disobedience
6- Illektré - The Enquiry
7- my.head - Everything May Fall
8- Skwig - Permutations
9- Nasty J - Jdidah (hubwar remix)
10- Gunston & Caine - Oxyne
11- Dubmentalist - Madstyle
12- Nasty J - Dead & Content
13- Ourman - Bent
14 - Hubwar - Wizard Of Noiz

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Salut les amis! Je cherche un(e) parolier... anglais, pour mon album. Si ça intéresse quelqu'un? En mp! Merci beaucoup!

So.... I come black.... slowly. ( for Christmas)
Retour progressif pour Noel.

Anthony Hubwar is with Stéphane Vallini and 8 others in Lyon, France.

J'ai eu l'honneur et le plaisir de faire le 300ème podcast pour SeekSickSound. Lien vers l'article et le son en commentaire. Bon week-end à tous !
Tracklist :
D...ark Sky : Keylo (free/donation)
Salaryman : Modelling Clouds – Hubwar remix (Slime Recordings)
Flore : Random (POLAAR)
Lophide : Tint (Noizion recordz)
High Tone & Kaly Live Dub : Dub Me Thunder (Wagram)
Burial : Southern Comfort (Hyperdub Records)
Nasty J : Dead & Content (Noizion Recordz)
Tessela : Gateway (R&S Records)
Lophide : Tint – my.head remix (Noizion Recordz)
Djrum : Broken Glass Arch (R&S)
Author (official) : The City (TectonicRecordings)
illektre : The Enquiry (Noizion Recordz)
Hubwar : Stone Henry Miyazaki (Noizion Recordz)
Clap Clap : Serendipity (Black Acre)
Hubwar : Sidi Kaouki (Noizion Recordz)
Hubwar : Wanna Be (Highlife Recordings)
Hubwar : Acid Ababa (Noizion Recordz)
Mala : Cuba Electronic (Brownswood Recordings)
OmarSouleyman2 : Warni Warni (Ribbon Music)
Scuba : Three Sided Shape (Hotflush Recordings)
Shackleton : Shortwave (˜scape)
Om Unit : Despite It All (Cosmic Bridge)
Nasty J vs LeTo : José Basé (Noizion Recordz)
Gunston & Caine : Oxyne 2018 (Noizion Recordz)
Dubmentalist : Madstyle (Noizion Recordz)
Piktogram : Ghostery (Noizion Recordz)
Jay Z : Tom Ford – Gant Man Juke Rework Clean (free)
Hubwar : Forward – Sicaa remix (Noizion Recordz)
Dalhas Umaï : Ripple (Argent Sale Audiovisual Label)
kidkanevil : Ewok – ft. Ocean Wisdom (Par Excellence)
Auntie Flo : I Want to Blow Your Mind – ft. Esa Williams (Huntleys + Palmers)
Romare : I Wanna Go (Turn Back) (Black Acre)
Machinedrum : Whatnot (free)
Dalhas Umaï : Think 1 (Noizion Recordz)
Hubwar : Bama District (Noizion Recordz)
Hubwar : Far From (Noizion Recordz)
Hubwar : Down (Exploration Music)
Hubwar : Background Noise (Exploration Music)
Hubwar : Wild Patterns (Exploration Music)
Hubwar : Retromania (Noizion Recordz)
Hubwar : To Be Late (Noizion Recordz)
Hubwar : Same Stories (Le French Work)
Neko Chan : A Stumble in My Spirit (Noizion Recordz)
Darj : The Bhangra Warrior (Noizion Recordz)
Skwig : Permutations (Noizion Recordz)
Hubwar : Kudumbigala (Noizion Recordz)
Calibre Dnb : Up In Smoke (Signature)
Hubwar : Northern Mali (Noizion Recordz)
SYNKRO : Vanishing Point (Apollo Records)
Darj : Paradise Lost (Noizion Recordz)
Aphex Twin : Vordhosbn (Warp)
Dalhas Umaï : Crossing Paths (Argent Sale)

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Et si je revenais?

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This summer : every day a track from our back catalog !
Today : Hubwar Neko Chan - To The End…/to-the-end-feat-nekoc…

from the album Eikonoklastes LP

This summer : every day a track from our back catalog !
Today : Hubwar feat. Neko Chan - To The End (my.head remix)…/to-the-end-feat-nekoc…

from the album Eikonoklastes LP (Remixes)

Hubwar's new materials !

Hubwar - Retromania EP [NZN010] - Out Now !

This is the first step in a series of forthcoming materials on the label in 2016.

Listen & Download :

2 track album

The remixes of hubwar's debut album are available now for free or name your price !

Find samples of my voice inside !!!

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OUT NOW !!! FREE OR NAME YOUR PRICE :…/eikonoklastes-lp-remi…

With remixes by Kuantum / Gunston / Tenkah / SICAA / Salaryman / PMGN / my.head / [voloDM] / Dalhas Umaï / Thesk

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"Consider this as a dub ride on a lost highway by night. This may all be happening right now..." ( my.head )

Hubwar “To The End feat. Nekochan” (my.head remix) - 2014, Nov. 03


May 2013 : I started a sideproject called WAAN (hubwar & me) with a 1st EP called "Birth" : A subtle blend of instrumental hiphop, electronica and ethereal song.
Sept 2014 : We release a unique collaboration with Ghostown, talented artist in the UK/FR rap scene. Heavy 90 bpm beat&bass and incisive lyrics make this artistic encounter an U.F.O in our discography and then a perfect combination for a release on Noizion recordz !!!


2 track album

Next release for my sideproject WAAN : hip-hop tune feat. Ghostown. Out soon on Noizion recordz !

This is our collab' with our friend Ghostown. will release it next week.

Birds underwater, Ostepian REMIX in NEON magazine

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Ostepian is with Neko Chan and 2 others.

"Go on Ostepian's fanpage. Like it. Download the track. Listen. You're welcome." (In French magazine NEON)

Hey! Ostepian shared a remix of my track "Birds Underwater", And it's free !!

<a href="" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">Download this remix</a>

hubwar just uploaded his unofficial remix of my tune "It's Only" and it's available for free !

This is the remix I did for Nekochan after her Bloodyful EP on Fuselab. Unselected by the label, this one became a freebie.