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  • Production Worker2016 to present
  • CashierJanuary 2015 to June 2015Louisville, Kentucky
  • Service ChampionDecember 2013 to 2014Louisville, Kentucky
  • Sandwich ArtistJune 6, 2013 to October 13, 2013
    Making the foot longs and whatnot
  • CashierFebruary 2012 to April 2013Louisville, Kentucky
Current City and Hometown
About Brittany
  • i hate these things
    I'm so schweet. I'm really am not a bad person once you get to know me, I'm real as I wanna be and I try and be upfront with people. I mean you either like me, love me, don't know me, or I don't care haha.
    Deff Not single ha.
    I know I don't need constant reassurance about who I am.
    I don't mind when people don't like me, infactIwelcomeit:)
    There's a few rules to live by: trust no one, don't give up, don't have wh*re friends, and love as much as you can, dont hate.
    It's all fun in the beginning but it takes dedication to make that fun last
    I'm honest and don't like to sugarcoat but I try to be nice.
    I will ALWAYS try to be your friend once but that's it. After that we're either cool or we're not I'm completely evil ;)
    Stay Classy :)
Favorite Quotes
  • I trust my soul, my only goal is just to be:)