Our new Kickstarter project has launched!
The previous one was succesfull so we are sure you'll appreciate this one too.
Take a look at the KS page and be fast: you have only 2 days to pledge as early birds to have the coach miniature for free…/kickass-cossacks-fantasy-foot…

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All for Fantasy Football team

Here it is another news about our Kickstarter project KICKASS COSSAKS. Let’s talk about the bear. There are going to be two version. In the unchained one, the wild bear will be free to rampage at his desire. In the second one, the chained version… Let’s say the chains are not going to stop his rage! One thing is sure: it’s better not to meet this bear on the playfield if you play in the opponent team!

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There is another big news about our Kickstarter project.
The new team will be available in three different possibilities.
KICKASS COSSACKS: this is the basic version.
COSSACK KICKOFF: if you buy the basic version plus two throwers and one ogre, you will be able to use the team as a human team.
LIGHTNING COSSACKS: if you buy the basic version plus 2 werevolves, 2 berserkers and one ice troll, you will obtain a norse team. ...
This means that, by buying the 16-miniatures basic team plus 8 miniatures, you are going to have three teams!

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We are very proud of KICKASS COSSACKS, our new Kickstarter project, so here there are some news for you.
We hope that you will have a great fun by playing with this team!
It's going to be a full roster team and all the miniatures will be different one from another,
with great attention to facial expressions and small details. Our artists are working hard to do their best.

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Primo pezzo in regalo (ma solo per le prime ore) del prossimo Kickstarter!
Il severo coach dei Kickass Cossacks!! 👿

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We wanted to keep the secret for a little while, but we changed our idea, so…
Which team has four catchers, four blitzers, seven linemen and… a raging bear?
Have you guessed what we are talking about?
Our new kickstarter project… the KICKASS COSSACKS team!
Soon we will give you more info, in the meanwhile enjoy some images!

CHAOS DWARFS: BULL WARRIORS are available made in white metal...

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Hello, world! Well, the Gaspez Chaos Dwarfs Kickstarter ended… in the most successfull way! I sincerely want to express you my gratitude. I love to create beautiful (and bloody, of course!) miniatures for all of you and to realize that my work (and that of all the artists who work together with me) is appreciated, really make my day. So, just one thing: thank you so much. I wish you a good day on the playfield, people!…/bull-warriors-chaos-dwarfs-fo…

A must-have team from Gaspez Arts! They are bad, they are strong, they are the Bull Warriors Chaos Dwarf for Fantasy Football !

TWO DAYS TO GO and a WONDERFUL SURPRISE FOR YOU ALL! Make a pledge, if we reach the 22.500 euros Kickstarter Social Goal within the end of Kickstarter, all the people who made a pledge will receive also a special 10% discount coupon to use for their next order! (only Gaspez-Arts or Neomics miniatures)…/bull-warriors-chaos-dwarfs-fo…?

This is the latest silicone mould production!!!
Tomorrow I start cast chaos dwarf....
It will be a very hot week!!!…/bull-warriors-chaos-dwarfs-fo…?

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They are stupid. They are many. They are ready to make the difference (in the bloodiest way!) on the battlefield. More important thing: if you don’t join our fantastic Kickstarter, they will go to your home and you do know how hobgoblin can be! You are advised!…/bull-warriors-chaos-dwarfs-fo…?

EIGHT DAYS TO GO! You have still 8 days to do a pledge on our kickstarter page and savor the bloody experience to unleash CHAOS DWARFS on the battlefield, and to unlock a lot of incredible additional miniatures too! The chaos dwars miniatures are crafted with incredible precision and a great attention to tiny details. It will be a lot of bloody fun to use them to crash your enemies and grab the ball!…/bull-warriors-chaos-dwarfs-fo…?

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NINE DAYS TO GO! Don’t miss the opportunity to unlock the most bloody one, the most bastard of all on the battlefield… the CHAOS DWARF COACH! Nobody escapes his rage: when he points his judging finger at you, you will feel a shiver through your body… especially if it’s the middle finger, as in the second miniature version! Do a pledge, if we reach 18.000 euro stretch goal, we will produce both versions and you can have it for 6 euros each coach!…/bull-warriors-chaos-dwarfs-fo…?

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