Crunch Pod celebrates 24/2 day with 20 years of music. They put out a thank you to you the fans they are offing a free compilation "Vicennium / rondeau"

Crunch Pod is an electronic music label that was founded in 1998 by Ben Arp. Over the last 20 years, the label has grown and evolved from doing small run CDR releases to working with internationally recognized acts and releases by artists such as Black Lung, C/A/T, Caustic, Alter Der Ruine, The Ludovico Technique, Cervello El...ettronico and Manufactura.

Throughout these last 2 decades and spanning over 120 releases, Crunch Pod has primarily focused on experimental, IDM, Industrial, Glitch, Ambient, and multiple variations within the underground electronic landscape.

#CrunchPod #Compilation #VariousArtists #InternationalEBMDay #242Day

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Voicians come at you though FiXT with a 16-track album that range from heavy D&B, Metal to Electronic-Rock.

Wasteland showcases a wide-range of influences with it's sound.
There is also a Instrumental Version of this album:


You can pick up this album on Bandcamp for $9.99 (the instrumentals album is also $9.99) & it is available for immediate download & unlimited streaming though the Bandcamp app.

#Voicians #FiXT #Bandcamp #DrumandBass #Electronic #Rock #Instrumental

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16 track album

New from Negative Gain is Wire Spine, a Post-Industrial/Dark Wave duo from Vancouver, Canada.

Wire Spine conjures up brooding beats amidst dark melodies and haunting synth leads, with lyrics that are raw and unapologetic.

This album is currently in pre-order in both physical & digital formats...
Digital: $8
Physical: $12
With your pre-order you get two tracks now + the entire album when it releases on March 23rd.

Catch them live at the SXSW Showcase, also they will be going on tour, so stay tuned to their page as well as Negative Gain.

#NegativeGain #NegativeGainProductions #NGP #WireSpine #PostIndustrial #Industrial #DarkWave

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15 track album

Happy International EBM Day from WTII Records, LLC

WTII Records is having a 30% off everything sale on Bandcamp & 50% off CD's on their website:

Use promo code: ebm_day_2018

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WTII Records is an independent record label that specializes in industrial, EBM, synthpop, Electronic rock, IDM and all things electronic.

Industrial/Drum & Bass more your speed? Check out this new single remix by Circle of Dust coming out in one week on Bandcamp via FiXT.

You can pre-order this two-track single for $1.98 & get the vocal version now & the instrumental when it releases on March 2nd.

#CircleofDust #Bandcamp #FixT #Industrial #DrumandBass

2 track album

Russian Moscow-based one-man project Requiem4FM returns with his new EP "Rain Factory." The first release in 3-years since their third album "Epik" which was released in 2015.

This EP contains 3 tracks + 3 remixes of the title track!

This EP is currently in pre-order for €3 EUR (about $3.70 USD)...
There are no tracks available for preview &/or immediate download. However you can preview the EP here on skyQode TV:

Releases March 2, 2018

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6 track album

In one week a new project by Claus (Leaether Strip, Klutae, Am Tierpark) joins forces with Ian (Bronski Beat 2017, Sordid Soundz Official) to become The Stricken.

Claus Larsen (Vocals, Lyrics) & Ian Donaldson (Music, Production) met online by chance & after finding out they are both fans of each others music begin collaborating & create art.

Art that will be released on March 1st, 2018!...
But you can pre-order the debut album now for just €10 EUR (about $12.50 USD) & get two tracks now for unlimited streaming & downloading via Bandcamp + the entire album when it releases a week later!

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12 track album

Planetdamage returns with their new album, 'Stray Signal' bringing us 4 fresh tracks of Industrial/Glitch & Cyberpunk tunes + it boasts remixes by Angelspit & Leaether Strip.

You can buy this album via Bandcamp now for €5 (about $6.15 USD).
Alternatively you can also buy the entire Planetdamage discography for €5.85 (about $7.15 USD) which includes this album + two more.

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8 track album

A child of the 80's, LorD and Master's Daniel Bailey-Graham returns with a new full length album out now via Bandcamp

This dance-pop/Synthpop album blends quite well 80's & modern Synthpop with it's melodies.

You can buy this 12-track album for £7 GBP (about $9.80 US)

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12 track album

The good people over at Storming the Base have an AMAZING vinyl sale going on right now to kick off 24/2 week!

They have never had vinyl prices THIS CHEAP!

$1 for 7' vinyl.


$5 and up for vinyl.

Check it out!

#StormingTheBase #242Week #VinylSale

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Released a few days ago, the 5-track album by Amelia Arsenic is out now via Glitch Mode Recordings on Bandcamp.

This is a PWYW (Pay What You Want) release. You can download it for free, or you can toss a few bucks & support the artist!

Electro-Punk with a satirical edge which combines Amelia Arsenic & Sean Payne (Cyanotic)

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5 track album

Out now is a new single by Spanish Synthpop artist Nórdika featuring felix marc.

You can pick this 2 track album up on the Aquo Rec Records Bandcamp page for $3 (or more).

#Synthpop #Nordika #FelixMarc #AquoRecRecords #Bandcamp

2 track album

Keith Milo of Cause and Effect has a solo project he is embarking on called SOLSUN.

It is currently in pre-order via PledgeMusic, & though the link below you can watch a 4-minute trailer complete with pre-release snippets of songs, info about the album & why Keith Milo has teamed up with PledgeMusic.

#KeithMilo #CauseAndEffect #PledgeMusic #SOLSUN #Synthpop

Pre-order SOLSUN the debut album/project from Keith Milo of Cause & Effect.

Take a deep dive into Synthpop.

Image may contain: text
Periodic Table of Synthpop

Let's explore the deep...

Going to SXSW 2018?

Negative Gain is having a showcase of artists at this years SXSW Conference & Festival in Austin, Texas!

Indie Electro label Negative Gain announce their upcoming showcase at the SXSW Confrence & Festival in Austin, TX.


This showcase will take place on March 17th, at Valhalla & feature performances by Mr.Kitty, Strvngers, KANGA, HAEX, Wire Spine, Panic Priest, & Pixel Grip hosted by Austin, TX drag performer Louisiana Purchase.

You can check out all the Negative Gain artists on the NGP Bandcamp page here:

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In 6 days catch the latest release off the Cryo Chamber label via Bandcamp.

This 8-track album by Ager Sonus appropriately titled, 'Necropolis' is an ambient album invoking those fears of darkness & silence. The soundscapes of ancient Egypt guiding you to the other side as you look back at the memories of your distant past.

You can pre-order this 8-track album in both digital & physical formats....
Digital: $7
Compact Disc: $15 (also includes pre-order digital of Necropolis)
You get 2 tracks now (streaming via the free Bandcamp app and also available as a high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more), plus the complete album the moment it’s released.

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8 track album

Deathline International returns with their brand new EP "Spin Zone" available now on COP International's Bandcamp page.

“Spin Zone” is a classic punk anthem, with a strong political message reflecting our current “banana republic” environment. Driven by blazing guitars, a sweet rhythm section, and powerful vocals, they pound their message home.

With remixes by C-lekktor, Everything Goes Cold, & BetaMorphose, DLI's Cyberpunk/Coldwave EP is a refreshing release!

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6 track album