Good information about the growing importance of Social Collaboration…/healthcare-ceos-weigh-in-on…/

Technology is transforming health care in many ways. CEOs of health care businesses think the biggest transformation in the next few years will come from making patients, doctors and health-care workers more communicative and collaborative.

A look into a researchers journey with Diabetes and the implications of his study on personalized medicine.…/geneticists-research-finds-his-own…

The benefits of human genome sequencing may be enhanced with detailed blood tests — as found in a case study involving a geneticist’s own Type 2 diabetes.

Patients dealing with chronic disease are taking matters inot their own hands.…/SB100014240527023048184045773459539…

Some patients with fatal Lou Gehrig's disease are trying to brew their own version of an experimental compound at home and testing it on themselves.

How the effective implementation of n of 1 studies can provide valuable data on chronic disease.…/c3n-helps-patients-take-health-into…/

On, a woman discusses her quest to remedy her own symptoms of psoriasis. “In my search for a livable solution to my very severe psoriasis,” she says, “I have begun searching for ‘cause and effect’ instead of the ever more popular ‘symptom treatment&rsq...

Interesting article on the challenges that Pharmaceutical companies are having leveraging social media to interact with patients.…/opportunities-and-risks-social…/…

Opportunities and Risks: Social Media Activities and Pharmacovigilance Responsibilities by Pharma IQ - On Monday Facebook stopped letting pharmaceutical companies disable the comments feature on their company pages. This change has prompted some pharmaceutical companies, such as AstraZenec

This article points to the need for a different way of approaching clinical trial design.…/the-importance-of-innovation-i…/…

The Importance of Innovation in Trial Design by Pharma IQ - Clinical development is expensive, invariably high risk and at times enormously inefficient, which is most likely the reason why productivity is sliding so rapidly in the pharmaceutical industry. W
March 2011

N-of-1 studies are an effective tool in clinical trial design

N-of-1 or single subject clinical trials consider an individual patient as the sole unit of observation in a study investigating the efficacy or side-effect profiles of different interventions. The ultimate goal of an n-of-1 trial is to determine the optimal or best intervention for an individual pa...

This is a very interesting article about the how an associate professor of dermatology and genetics at Columbia University Medical Center changed the course of research in her area because of having the condition herself…/28/science/28conversation.html

A bout with alopecia 15 years ago led Dr. Christiano to study the hair loss disease.