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Mikayla Brooks
· December 27, 2017
I will never be able to thank Dr. Taraba enough for all he did for my horse! He treated him with nothing but kindness and did everything in his power to get him healthy. My gelding was diagnosed with ...EPM 6 months ago, I thought my horse would never be sound again. Thanks to Taraba, he is doing better then ever and only 2 more weeks and he can start being rode! He truly is an AMAZING vet and does everything he can to succeed. I could not have asked for a better vet. See More
Laura Ann
· March 20, 2018
Extremely knowledgeable and kind! The vet cares and truly wants to help. I’m grateful for their expertise. It’s rare to find a vet that takes the time like this! Thank you!
Miesha Michele Lynn
· November 5, 2017
Can't thank God enough for all that he does. We made it to the 5d short round for the BBR Southern Territorial Finals. We wanted 1st, but we still placed 4th in our division. Doug, we have work to do!...!!
Thank you SEM performance for our training. @Netexasequine for keeping my boys right. MULE for keeping Doug feeling good. Rosie Bradley for our oxygen supplements. @bluebonnetfeeds for our amazing nutrition support. D.j. Tdkdallas for visual support ���
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Amber Smithmatthewsott
· July 8, 2017
Absolutely love bringing my barrel horses to see Doc. Your appointment is your appointment. No sharing with other people or horses. You get one on one attention. Doc goes over your entire horse from ...head to toe. He takes time to explain everything in detail to you. See More
Charna Watts
· June 1, 2015
I call Keith Taraba first. He is my go to vet and has taught me a lot. All dealings are fair and he goes the extra mile for his clients - and in my case, lots of miles! I really appreciate that he ...stays current and knows his stuff, is always willing to listen and then honestly does what is going to be the best for the horse. I wish he'd clone himself so he could move a clinic to the Paris area! See More
Jaime Robinson
· October 22, 2016
I cannot say enough good things about Northeast Texas Equine Services. They're Great!
Doc, Vanessa, and their Team are professional enough to get the results you need and personable enough to make you... feel like family.
We use Northeast Texas Equine exclusively and proudly recommend them to everyone.
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Brooke Bailey
· December 4, 2013
Dr. Taraba an his entire staff are an amazing team! I recommend them %!! Dr. Taraba is honest an will not sugar coat things, he is very upfront. I appreciate all there work they do from the race horse...s to reining horses. Thank you See More
Pascale Sylvain Dyke
· January 10, 2017
Best people in the world. Amazing on my mares. Thank you ����
Susan Sexton
· August 26, 2014
Dr. T got my gelding feeling his best again. Thank you! Love the leg paint ♥
Testimonial: "I would like to thank Dr. Keith and Vanessa THANK YOU for all you have done for Star. Sense we started treatment with the polyglycan and pevocox he is a totally different horse. You just had to know this horse before. He now picks his feet up when asked, he drops his head to take the bit, he allows me to stretch him. Just an about face. When I run him he is smoother and really wants to work. We have followed your advice on how to set his feet. It's just everything put together. It has worked for us. The monthly health plan makes it easier for me to give my horses this care also. Thank you again. Look forward to a continued care for my horses." Gina, Star, and Spanky
This is a video of a horse's upper airway while he is walking and loping under saddle. Using the Exercise Video Scope allows Dr Taraba to evaluate and diagnose upper airway problems that may not be evident during a standing endoscopy. This scope shows a healthy functional throat with no problems.
Northeast Equine Excellence

As I look through the results of my Google search on canine arthritis management I see a ton of great information on NSAID use, nutriceuticals, physical therapy, and surgical options. A big thing that is missing from all of these sites with their pain management recommendations is intra-articular injection. This blows my mind!

Direct injection of arthritic joints with anti-inflammatories, chondroprotective agents, and regenerative therapies is a huge part of the osteoarth...ritis management plan in horses and humans. Injection of medications directly where the source of the problem is gives the greatest benefit medically while reducing potential whole body systemic side effects of the medications used. This procedure can be performed easily under sedation as an outpatient procedure.

Putting the pain reducing medication directly in an arthritic joint can provide several months of relief and reduce the need for other pain medications like Rimadyl. Adequately reducing arthritis pain can also lead to a happier, more energetic pet with a significantly longer life span.

Currently, I am looking for small animal clinics in the Bryan/College Station area that would like to incorporate intra-articular injection into their current arthritis management protocol.

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