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Rendezvous 2012
Attention Scouts of all ages! A very special weekend camping opportunity is soon approaching. The council-wide Rendezvous will be held at Hidden Valley Scout Reservation, near Loysville, PA, on October 13-15, 2017. The event is open to Scouts of all ages, from Cub Scouting through Venturing. The event is also open to parents and families to attend and we welcome all visitors. Cub Scout and Webelos families wishing to participate for the weekend must family camp; however, Webelos Scouts can also attend camp with a Boy Scout Troop. Scout Troops and Venturing Crews will be able to camp as a unit. For more information, please visit
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Andy Bendzin
July 27, 2012
In lieu of not being able to sign in to do the survey I have to say this.

Hidden Valley was the first camp I ever went to in my whole entire live. Not having grown up with boy scouts and having the w...onderful experience, Hidden Valley was great as a first timer.
This year, our troop went to Bashore which is right near Indian Town Gap, PA. The first day impressions weren't as great. However as the days went on the pros and cons became clearer.
Tents: the platforms are shorter so you can't stack your locker box in front of the cot. However, they are wider to give you and your buddy you bunk with amble space. The box goes either below the cot or somewhere outside.
The cots at Bashore are the traditional army style with no springs. As a result I was more tired and didn't get up as early as I did at Hidden Valley.
The food was somewhat better but I heard comments that they weren't kid friendly enough.
The dining hall was nice. However, I preferred the family style meals over Bashore's cafeteria style service. The portions are small even so you always can get seconds. The main building is too overfilled so that the only way to get back to your table is by navigating the narrow aisle between you and your tray and the people waiting in line.

What i missed was the more military style colors and role call which did not exist at all at Bashore. The programs were great (based on leaders) and that was a plus for Bashore. All in all, I miss Hidden Valley.
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Erica Woodring Hornbaker
June 5, 2013
Wanted to give you some good news cub pack 128 in chambersburg was choosen to be the color guard for the arca race at pocono this sat its a live broadcast wish us luck
Dodie Strayer Bishopp
April 18, 2013
I am trying to find information about day camp at Letterkenny this July. Someone said info is on facebook, but I can't find it and most of my troop does not have facebook. So I'm trying to find info... I can find to give back to them. See More
Debbie Hite
March 25, 2013
wondering bout your councils 2013 Jamboree JSPs??? are they ready??? wheres the order form??? if not ready can i get on the "shes GOT to have them list???" :-)
Emily Suzanne Tischer
November 2, 2012
is there anywhere online we can get a trail map of Camp Conewago?
Laura Tedeschi Daniels
April 5, 2013
Can you tell me when registration for year round camping for Fall 2013 opens?

On Presidents Day, let’s remember Gerald R. Ford, our 38th president and, at least so far, the only Eagle Scout to ascend to the most powerful post in the country.

On Presidents Day, let's remember Gerald R. Ford, our 38th president and, at least so far, our only Eagle Scout president.

The Mechanicsburg and York Service Centers will be closed on Monday, February 19 in honor of Presidents Day.

Both the Mechanicsburg and York Scout Shops will be open their normal operating hours.

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Congratulations to the latest recipient of this prestigious award!

The award is presented each year to one worthy alumnus who has made significant contributions to our country through his or her career, avocation, community service and service to the BSA's alumni program.

If you're at all interested in Wood Badge history, this is the post for you.

It's been seven decades since July 31, 1948, when 29 men descended on Schiff Scout Reservation in New Jersey to learn Scout skills, Scoutcraft and pioneering at the first U.S. Wood Badge course.
After a successful pilot that introduced new families to Scouting and raised retention rates, Lions, the BSA's Cub Scout program for kindergarten-age youth, will become an official part of Cub Scouting this year.

JUST IN: The official 2017 merit badge rankings. Which one took the gold this time?

In our 2017 merit badge rankings, we share: the top 10 (Eagle-required included), the top 10 (Eagle-required excluded), the bottom 10 and the merit badges gaining and losing popularity.

Our Council's name was inspired by President Lincoln's Gettysburg Address ....

He was born on Feb. 12, 1809.

Everything you need to know about one of America's greatest presidents.
Any day is a good day to be outside, but especially on National Trails Day and National Public Lands Day.

Whoa. This Olympian is a great-great-grandson of the BSA's first Chief Scout Executive.

Updated for 2018 The speedy sport of luge has been in Tucker West’s blood since age 6 when his dad built a track in the backyard for Tucker and his fellow Cub Scouts to race on. Scouting’s

We celebrate Feb. 8 as the birthday of the Boy Scouts of America, but at what *time* was the BSA founded? And how do we know?

We actually know at what time on Feb. 8, 1910, incorporation documents were filed. In other words, we know the exact time the BSA was founded.

Due to the inclement weather this morning, the Mechanicsburg and York Service Centers will be operating on a two-hour delay today.

Both the Mechanicsburg and York Scout Shops are also operating with a two-hour delay.

Please be extremely careful when venturing outside this morning, especially when driving.

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Scouters who heeded the Scout Motto last year remembered to track and document their Scouting-related expenses. Here's how.
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New Birth of Freedom Council, Boy Scouts of America

The Silver Beaver Award was introduced in 1931 and is a council-level distinguished service award of the Boy Scouts of America. Recipients of this award are reg...istered Scouters who have made an impact on the lives of youth through service given at the council level.

Do you know a Scouter who you feel is deserving of consideration? Then submit a nomination on their behalf. Please don't assume that someone else will nominate that Scouter for the Silver Beaver.

To download a fillable PDF version of the Silver Beaver nomination form, please go to Nominations must be received at either the Mechanicsburg or York Council Service Centers by March 1, 2018.

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Today, it's cold outside with snow covering the ground, but summer isn't all that far away.

Campership applications are due April 1, so please help us create awareness that financial assistance is available.

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New Birth of Freedom Council, Boy Scouts of America

The New Birth of Freedom Council's Campership Fund helps Scouts with financial need to be able to attend summer camp programs offered by the council. For more i...nformation and to download an application form, go to

Deadline for applications is April 1. Please help create awareness that these campership funds are available.

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With participation steadily declining over the past four decades, the Boy Scouts of America is changing with the times - and with the inclusion of girls-only Cub Scout dens, expanding its ability to inspire