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Kasia Anna
· September 28, 2017
I really didn’t want to write a review, however I emailed the club and received no response. It’s been 2 weeks. I emailed the club with my disappointment in joi...ning the gym. My husband and I joined in May. When we came for a tour, we asked about cleanliness and maintenance of equipment. We were told that the facility is cleaned and equipment is maintained and replaced all the time. My husband started right away, however I had to wait since I was due to deliver our child any day and had to wait to get cleared by my doctor. My husband would come home and complain that the gym is extremely hot and there is no ac, equipment is broken and not replaced, and the gym is not clean. I didn’t want to believe him. In August I started working out at the gym after having my child. I was immediately disappointed and understood what my husband was talking about. Here are my complaints: 1. The gym is not that clean. The staff in the morning walk around vacuuming or mopping however not very carefully. I have found numerous dust bunnies and spider webs around big equipment. Around the abduction machine there was a gross bandaid in the same spot for 3 weeks! I even have pictures to prove it. 2. The women locker room is not maintained at all. I work out early morning and the same stall has urine in it from the night before, the lights flicker constantly (lightbulbs are not changed), the shower heads are disgusting with tons of mildew and should be replaced. 3. Equipment is extremely old and not maintained or replaced at all. The back extension/pelvic tilt machine is extremely old and wobbly that a person can fall off. The padding on the leg press has not been replaced in a month so no one can use the leg press. The jump ropes are all cracked and from the 1990s, smith machine needs to be updated bad!… I need to go on with every piece of equipment. 4. We joined for the pool, however the pool has been “under renovation” and rumor has it, it may not be opened at all or they may start charging a higher price, really!! 5. One morning a woman was painting a wall while clients were working out. There are elderly people that go to the gym, how is breathing in those toxins good for their health. 6. I witnessed a morning class that was a joke. The trainer was out of shape. The clients in the class had bad form with the exercises and the trainer did not correct any of them….. It’s quite disappointing when clients get lied to during a tour of the facility. It’s also disappointing that I received no response to my email inquiry. One positive, the girl that usually works the front desk in the morning is extremely nice. See More
Paul Christopher
· October 26, 2017
They closed the pool for “maintenance” in June. Here we are in November and still no answers as to when they are going to open it up again. The pool was the only reason I signed up; and now I have to find another place to go.
Keith Acker
· July 30, 2017
My wife and i joined the NEAC in 2012 and have, ever since then, enjoyed using their facilities. They have a nice pool and an uncrowded space with lots of trea...dmills, stationary bikes and exercise equipment. The place is clean and the people at the front desk are friendly and cooperative. A great place for a workout! See More
BornAgain-Princess Daniqua
· October 12, 2015
Initially, I contacted the club multiple times over the phone and received consistent information until I brought my clients in for a supervised family visit an...d was stopped and treated as if we were making up stories about the information we acted on received by their staff. After speaking with staff and a rude and condescending supervisor I was apologized too and offered to return for free as often as I liked with the family. However, upon our return we were again stopped and treated as if we were making up information. To this ongoing inconsistent and inappropriate back and forth I stated no worries we will not be back. It sucks because they pretended to care about helping underprivileged persons enjoy their facility but they really just wanted to save face from their rude encounters and lies to the public. See More
Ryan Nur
· October 26, 2015
The gym has a nice pool but the cardio equipment is a little worn out and sometimes hard to find. Other that that the facility is really good.
Michelle Affinito DeFrancesco
· May 24, 2015
Awesome place, great people, and the classes are fantastic!
Amy Fayette Melinosky
· March 16, 2014
Love all the classes. Sylvia and Fran have been kicking my butt for months. Now I've also been joining Julie for some awesome morning classes.
Ben Shea
· December 25, 2013
Love this place!!!
Best pool ever!
Let's start a water polo team!!!!
Jodi Strissel Dougherty
November 2, 2011
LOVE this club. Thanks for opening up the gym for those who don't have hot my family!
Davis Watt
· December 26, 2013
Best pool ever! They need a waterpolo team!!
Sylvia J Monroe
July 3, 2012
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Meet the trainers, Dannel
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