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Help us rescue dogs and send them to prison
Brie's Training Session
Here's Bam Bam with the cat.
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Ahmed Alzahrani
· March 28, 2018
This is a perfect initiative for the rehabilitation of inmates!
Gail L. Zoccola-Diem
· February 14, 2018
Tamar is a fantastic trainer! Any program she is staff of is fantastic.
Marlena Marlee
· December 6, 2017
Phenomenal organization that creates a healthy cycle of humans helping dogs helping humans helping dogs. �
Azalea Roman
· August 14, 2015
Just watched the documentary on Netflix, I loved it! I'm so inspired by this organization and their work. I love how they work with humans and dogs, providing 2nd chances all around. My only complaint... is that I'm too far away to volunteer or work for them! I am definitely looking into ways to help in my local community. Keep up the incredible work. You all are amazing. See More
Mary Jo Graham
· May 19, 2018
Love this Organization. Win**Win**Win for everyone!
Sheree Grove
· April 1, 2015
This is a wonderful gift to the inmate as well as his dog I think it awesome they have a program like this, of all the times you need someone is when you are incarcerated and some people have no one a...nd having this program probably keeps them from being depresse, this is my opinion....they also saved the life of the dog that alone should make him happy See More
Jill Sklaroff-Harris
· November 28, 2017
I just donated to this wonderful program
Keep up the good work. God bless all including the dogs.
Virginia Hewitt
· July 29, 2014
Such a great program. It really helps with 2 major issues in our country- the amount of homeless pets and the difficulty for getting out and staying out of prison for inmates. By giving these dogs the... attention and training they need but is just too difficult to give in a shelter environment we really help them find loving homes and stay there. The ability to have something to focus on and the responsibility you help remind the inmates what life can hold for them- and work to find them jobs (even if only temporary) after they are released. That makes it so much easier to stay out of prison when released and encourages companies to be willing to hire them. Really a win-win program :) See More
Stephanie Cook
· March 24, 2015
I've known about similar programs in other states and I'm so happy we can make a difference in the rehab of dogs on death row by giving them a second chance. Also thank you to the devoted inmates who ...want to help make a difference.

How can you get involved and start a New Leash on Life program in your area? Any thoughts?
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Maggie Mae Elliott
· April 14, 2015
This is the light of my boyfriends life, it keeps him positive everyday being able to have dogs around him. Thank you for everything you do, for the dogs and the inmates.
Kimberly Watts Flandro
· March 29, 2014
We love our Pitt mix that we got through this program and the helpful staff and trainers that are there for us if needed.
Attending the graduation and seeing the men who took care of the dogs, renewe...d my hope for all people and dogs who need a fresh start. See More
Matthew Meade
· October 4, 2017
When I heard of this charity, I donated immediately after and would like to be a long term part of the cause.
Jen F. Bryant
· April 3, 2017
Congratulations to the 18th class to graduate from NLOL!! Your hard work and patience has paid off. Best wishes to all of the graduates for the future--and to the dogs who will find a forever home!
Alicia Marrolli
· May 21, 2014
I wish they did this a Bucks County and Montco prison. They're some long term inmates in there that it would make such a difference for. Both the mens and womans sides.
I love your organization! keep doing God's work! Saving both man and dog! See More
Dawn Capalongo
· December 30, 2014
I personally think this is wonderful! Big thanx to all the inmates giving these dogs a 2nd guys are wonderful. Im actually involved in the rescue community in my state & would love info ...on how to enroll pups in programs like this. Again....thank you so much for such a wonderful job! See More
Arlene Dyrvik
· September 11, 2017
Until I know more about their financials I am holding off on giving. I looked up their 990 from 2013. They had revenue of about $2,500 and expenses of $20,600.
Tom Chubb
· November 30, 2014
A great program: it helps animals and inmates. If you are thinking of adopting a dog this is the place to get one.
Melissa Turner
· March 23, 2014
i think its wonderful the dogs get a second chance an the prisoners do to.iam a animal lover an i give hats off to all of yall that have part in this an keep up the good work.everyone needs a second chance :)
Julie Robbs
· June 21, 2014
I think it's a great idea!!! It allows these prisoners to do something productive for themselves but especially for the dogs. They should have programs like this everywhere!!!
Susan Yost
· July 6, 2015
I think this would be perfect for my loved one. How do I find out more about it?

Holy Hotstuff! Do you see that gorgeous guy over there winking at you??

That’s ACCT Philly alumni Denali!!

We think it is NO coincidence that Denali happens to mean “great one”, because this beautiful 3 year old Labrabull is truly spectacular! Denali is a very recent graduate of our Philadelphia training program who has foundations in house training and crate training! Not to mention that he's food motivated, great with kids and other dogs, affectionate, and attentive!


Denali is also American Kennel Club Canine Good Citizen ready, and just spent 12 weeks learning all his basic commands such as sit, down, leave it, come, kennel up, and more! He even walks nicely on a leash!

Check him out below spending time with other dogs, and gently taking treats from his new friends. He even seems to like human hugs! What more could you ask for?

Though his post-graduation plans may have shifted gears unexpectedly, we feel confident that this great one speaks for himself. Someone is going to grab this hunk and make him their own.

Like the tallest Mountain in North America that shares his name, Denali is ready to rise above and soar with his forever family. Can you please share for him so we can help him #RewriteTheStory?…/adopt/available-dogs/

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We are honored to be part of the extended Supernatural, Random Acts, and Wayward Daughters family and we hope you will support their efforts to #SaveWayward! The people involved in this incredible show and network have not only supported New Leash in many ways but countless other charities as well. Kim Rhodes, Briana Buckmaster, and the entire crew are inspirational in their work - please consider signing their petition and sharing their post below.

Image may contain: text
Wayward Daughters


Good afternoon, The CW. This is our last-ditch effort. We urge you to reconsider your decision not to pick up Wayward Sisters for a series.

But i...n the event that the following reasons don’t interest you; what’s up, Netflix? Here are some reasons that Wayward is valuable, viable, and unlike anything that has come before. It would be a no-brainer for you to pick up this show.

First of all, the idea of Wayward was imagined by and advocated by the Supernatural fandom. That’s an important distinction because it means that this show comes with a built-in fan base.

Our aim was better representation for women and minorities. We wanted more diverse casting and storytelling. We wanted better inclusivity for people of color, LGBT+ people, and people with varying physical and mental abilities. We wanted positive female role models. Not just for girls, but for everyone. A sheriff and adoptive mom doing her best to support her gaggle of struggling teenagers. A powerful leader who fights self esteem issues but who brings a smile to everyone’s face. Girls who pull themselves out of the depths to fight for their families, for what is right, for each other.

We wanted to see better relationships between women. Tired of the tropes of cattiness, pettiness, and the inability for women to support and relate to one another, we instead believed in a show with women mentoring other women, empowering and uplifting one another. We wanted girls kicking ass but still being vulnerable, because strength can be found in both. We wanted episodes that could pass the Bechdel test.

We loved Supernatural. We wanted it, and more.

We campaigned heavily for a Wayward Daughters spinoff for two years. But in the mean time, something incredible and unexpected happened. We formed a community. We Wayward misfits found a family in each other. And suddenly all of those things we wanted in our media, we were suddenly embodying in our own lives and among each other.

This is when we became Wayward AF. We were empowered in our struggles, in our idiosyncrasies, in our differences. We were Wayward, not lost. Together, we were powerful. Tens of thousands of pieces of Wayward-themed merchandise were purchased from Stands benefiting various charities. We banded together to help Random Acts build a free high school in Nicaragua, assisted New Leash on Life USA in rescuing, training, and rehabilitating part of a class of service dogs and their inmate companions, knit hundreds of baby hats for premature babies the in NICU, wrote birthday cards to kids who just needed a friend, and many more projects dreamed up by the community itself.

We grew and grew and grew. Before there was even a pilot announcement, Wayward Daughters fans on social media were 20,000 strong. Once we watched the pilot, we were hooked. We needed more. And we weren’t the only ones. A petition started less than a week ago has nearly 73,000 signatures. 1.7 million people were reached with a thunderclap to #SaveWaywardSisters. That is our reach. That is our impact. We, the fans of a show that doesn’t even exist yet. A show that had one episode.

Listen. Maybe heartfelt pleas and touching stories aren’t your bag. But when you get down to it, Wayward Sisters would make you a front-runner in diversity, inclusion, and empowerment. Just think about it: in today’s climate, a show starring six women— one third of whom are racially diverse, one third of whom might be LGBT+, and one third of whom are over the age of 35, but still kicking ass. And that last part is important. Despite the CW’s target demo being primarily 18-25, 53% of Wayward’s fan base is over the age of 25.

This show is viable. It is valuable.

But don’t take our word for it. Check twitter to see the creator of Supernatural, Eric Kripke, talking about how we should fight for Wayward Sisters. Nearly every recurring cast member (and crew as well) have thrown their hats into the ring to support the show.

The point is, we, the (perhaps small, but definitely) mighty fan base of Wayward would watch religiously. We would recommend it to our friends. We would buy merchandise. We would really, really appreciate it if you would save Wayward Sisters.

PS— Netflix, this is just between us. If you picked it up, we’d love it if you’d use the correct title. Wayward Daughters. Just sayin’.

PPS— Netflix, that postscript is, by no means, a deal breaker.

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