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Help raise money for New Life Evangelistic Center.
Homeless Prevention
Finding the Homeless
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Nancy Heard
· April 28, 2017
As a follower of the way Jesus taught and lived, I have been a supporter of NLEC. When I moved to the area, I heard of the homeless shelter in St. Louis and I ...visited to see up close and hear about their open door 24 hr. serving the homeless. The city has tried to close them for several years and through code enforcement and legal battling they have kept on. They had to close down finally Apr. 1 because they need over $300,000 in repairs just to reopen as a day center. See their web page for more info. See More
Jannett White
· April 2, 2017
I volunteered at NLEC..over a period of several years.. mainly assisting diplaced mothers and children with hygiene and meal preparation I also had the privi...lege of working on the telethons when raising funds for various organizations and other events.

The phone skills and administrative assistance was spearheaded by members of the staff at NLEC and was very motivational ..as well as humbling.

The guidelines and rules were set in place and adhered to by staff and residents ..There was organization and appreciation from the residents.......I had the opportunity to participate in early morning prayer on the days I volunteered..blessed my heart and soul beyond measure. The ladies took pride in their "space"in the facility.. Laundry ..dishes..and " their space" was maintained at all times.

There was so much love exhibited among he women and their children ..these ladies were running their ,"households" with and among complete strangers..yet, they were unified..

There was always something new to learn and experience with staff and residents.... I could expound on the overall experience for the next year ..and it would not suffice.

.Mr.Rice, was definitely preordained for this position and his unwavering Faith and tenacity speaks for itself.

God still has a purpose and plan for Mr. Rice and his mandate..I pray God's will ...will be done on earth as it is in heaven. God knows the reason for the messiness of the City Administration and as always, He will have the LAST word...

I am believing God for a Miracle. and all of Mr. Rice's enemies be exposed and eliminated, if it is God's will.

God's Great abundance to you and your family.. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you..by and through the Great Grace of God have done for all..Mr. Rice...well done..
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Julann Dale
· April 22, 2017
New Life has been the last resort for many people. As a Social Worker I have had no other option and like Jesus teaches all are welcome. New Life provides an e...ssential function to the homeless. New Life demonstrates the freedom that Gods love should be given. Give Caesar what is Caesar's and give God what is God's. See More
Dan Howard
· August 15, 2017
For the last 20+ years i worked volunteered with over 1,000+ people, who cared, gave of their time, materials and money to try to help make St. Louis a better c...ity. Now cold-hearted leadership has turned off the welcome light to anyone who wants to give anything accept to their visionless political campaign. Gee i wonder why over 600,000 residents have left a city like this.
God help us all.
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Kathryn Laverne
· April 1, 2017
New life evangelist center has done so much good for so many people in need over the years. Rev Larry rice and all the people who work for him are showing the l...ove of Christ. Jesus said when we do it for others we are doing it for him. I will keep praying for new life evangelist center that God will watch over all the homeless people, and that God will make a way for them to stay open. God bless them for all the wonderful work they do. See More
Fred Cotterell
· June 27, 2017
We were involved for nearly a decade as part of the 'community'. We were always in the verge of having to move from place to place within the confines of NLEC'S... series of shelters, 'training centers' and broadcast radio stations across Missouri. This movement was hard on my family of six. If I were single the semi-nomadic lifestyle of being moved every so often wouldn't have been a problem. But, with your children it presented many problems with each move.
Recently, I was saddened by the closing of 'the mother ship' on locust in St. Louis. But it was coming for a long time. At one time that YWCA building was actually a pretty stately affair. You could see the one time elegance that greeted the women that used the facility. But, it faded and began to slip into disrepair since NLEC, the 'Reverend' took control. It may have been due to a lack of funding, or maybe the funds were there but funneled into other projects and interests of the Reverend. But the building needs help. It needs renovation to become a useful tool again.
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Marcus Haynes
· April 4, 2017
The first time I served at NLEC on my birthday 2016 I felt the Presence of God and I continue to serve with this amazing group of people.
Trista Goodson
· February 15, 2017
Rev. Rice helps people in so many ways. Everyone is so nice, loving and caring. Clothes, food pantry, shelter to so many in need. I love what he does. If it wasnt for Rev. Rice i wouldnt have my house, my kids back and a better outlook on life��
Chris Outlaw
· March 7, 2017
Non-believer here, stopping in to say that I have always greatly admired Mr. Rice's total moral conviction, and his absolute commitment to helping the impoverished.
Marcus Macon
· December 25, 2016
I think Larry rice is a good guy that do so much for the homeless people I wish it could be a upgrade to the building instead of trying to gets rid of Larry ric...e just like they do everything else a make it a better safer place for the homeless women and children in men I enjoy feeding the homeless and well do it all over again and again in again. See More
Leslie Jones
· February 14, 2017
This facility provides so much, for so many. It is an unfortunate necessity. Reach out and help your fellow man, woman & child. A small sacrifice can make a huge difference in the life of another human being.
Rikk Brummet
· February 24, 2015
Everything comes with a price, If the man offers you a sandwich you better smile for the camera. if you want to stay the night, you better sit straight and not ...move to hear his sermon. if you move around or get up to drink water from the fountain, security will take your food and kick you out the door. I was homeless for ten years, Newlife, never helped me in any way, they were very arrogant and ignorant. I slept in underground parking and other shelters even lied my way into shelters. there are Rules in life that you make, Newlife has their own and they go overboard See More
Jetton Terry-Neal
· November 30, 2016
I was there for the telethon answering phones. Everyone was kind and showed great hospitality. Anytime you need me im there to help in antway possible. That's what the Lord would exspect me to do is to help.
Rick Turnbough
· January 29, 2017
The only real place in st Louis mo. That the homeless people can go to get help
Joanne Smelser
· February 26, 2017
Creation by Larry Rice was suppose to be on a 9 pm sunday feb 26 ?
Danny Will
· January 29, 2017
They need help. Plain and simple. They are doing Gods work...fighting against the city. They should be supported by everyone.
Jared Cameron
· December 4, 2016
New life evanglistic center is the best place for helping the homeless people.
Shirley Jones-Crowell
· January 11, 2016
I have volunteered, donated to, stood by Pastor Larry Rice for 44 years! He is a real image of what Jesus did for people!
Joanne Klinger
· December 26, 2015
A challenge question: Romans chapter 6, 7, and 8. His life is in HIM, Christ, are you there in his care and love eternal, his love for you. Come, accept and be all of Christ.
Latisha King
· December 15, 2014
Jesus go before, behind and all around New Life Evangelistic Center, to protect and guide always. NLEC is doing Jesus' work ...Halleluyah!!!