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Congratulations to all who passed the EFAW course today, well done everyone!

First aid is becoming a 'lost' ability, with patients piling pressure on A&E units, according to a British Red Cross study. Patients were advised to help themselves when possible.
Current targets across England are being scrapped by the NHS in favour of a new system. The overhaul will allow patients most at risk to get life-saving treatment quicker than ever before.

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Mum-of-two Julie Nisbet, 34, ran 69 miles along Hadrian's Wall while being cooked in the sun before realising her red-raw calves were covered in agony-inducing pus-filled orange sacks.
It sounds futuristic: drones carrying heart defibrillators swooping in to help bystanders revive people stricken by cardiac arrest.

Congratulations to all who successfully completed our Canine first aid course today, and enjoyed a bit of mouth-to-snout!

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With many years of experience, we are based in Great Yarmouth and offer First Aid training to individuals and organisations in Norfolk, Suffolk and Essex. Courses can be taught in the workplace, providing there is a suitable venue, or at an open course organised by us. As well as classroom based cou...
Vital, life-saving equipment has been installed on a housing estate – thanks to the generosity of a cardiac arrest survivor and a Norfolk charity.
A great grandmother has spoken of her sadness after a community defibrillator in Norwich, which she helped raise money for, was broken into and damaged.
Just four out of ten members of the public are prepared to attempt to keep someone alive undergoing a cardiac arrest using first aid. But if they did 1,000 lives could be saved yearly.

Interviews with women who've had heart attacks:

Five women share what a heart attack really feels like—and how to recognize the signs.

Heart attack symptoms can be mistaken for indigestion.…/u…/young-gym-bunny-mum-who-9903991

After thinking her chest pain was just something she'd eaten, the 33-year-old was told she needed a heart transplant or she'd die
They are vital pieces of equipment which help save hundreds of lives each year.

Congratulations to all at Jump Warehouse who successfully completed their EFAW course today. Well done guys!