The most of you are already aware of closures ( anonymous functions ) and know that closures grant the ability to elevate variables from the defining scope to the lambda scope. Its done with the use keyword in the function meta definition scope:
$a = 10;
$b = 20;

Merry Christmas developers.

Peter Kokot shared a link to the group: PHP.

Some more PHP 7.0 vs PHP 7.1 benchmarks available here:…/php-7-1-vs-7-0-benchmarks-symfony

Conclusion: PHP 7.1 is doing even better than its predecessor branch 7.0 \o/

PHP 7.1 was launched on December 1st 2016. This was the first minor release after the release of 7.0 a year ago. PHP 7.0 was a revolutionary product, especially when it comes to memory usage and performance. PHP 7.1 is a more modest upgrade that bri…
Peter Kokot shared a link to the group: PHP.

Interesting approach to improve security - Continuous Pwning of the Top 1000 WordPress Plugins:

Part 1 - Continuous Pwning of the Top 1000 WordPress Plugins By Yeo Quan Yang December 08, 2016 Comment Tweet Like +1 This article is the first part of many on a Taint Analysis Tool I wrote for the PHP Programming Language. This part talks about how I make use of the tool to automatically look for v...

I am not sure what happened to request a implementation that allows parameter type variance for PHP 7.1+. Method definitions are kind of contracts. You can not override a integer parameter in later method extensions as a string.

The RFC:

A logical step would be that arrays "implements" traversable or better strict_types=0 would cast arrays to a traversable implementing standard object and strict_types=1 would force arrays to... be array and traversable to be objects implementing traversable. The traversable standard object should be also implemented as a cast like: (traversable)

The RFC approach would brake the common OOP concept of PHP.

What do you think ?

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