Holywood Culture Night - 16th September 2016. Stand at Danske bank. Thank you to North Down Stitchers who brought along 400 hexagons they had made and to Marion Lamont for giving in her panel of hexagons and to Patricia Cummings for bringing over 200 hundred hexagons made by various people in Antrim and also for creating another sewn section. All hexagons for NI Big Sock - a community participation challenge to get a world record!
Today at Crowne Plaza, Shaws Bridge, Belfast on 1st floor. Stitch and Craft Fest. 12-5pm. £3 entrance. Lots of crafts, supplies and inspiration. Don't forget to visit the NI Big Sock stand. You can learn how to make hexies, sit and sew a few or pick up templates, cut hexagons and papers or a bundle of fabric if you are running short! Also enter the competition to get how many hexagons will be needed to make the final sock at 52 m tall and 22m heel to toe! £1 donation and nearest to the correct answer gets a handmade patchwork cushion! So please come and support this record breaking attempt!! Thanks
Received some wonderful news about the work of one group and the hexagons they have made! Hi Pamela We thought we would send you some photos of our part of the sock! We call ourselves Urney Hexagon Club now! The large piece is 6.00 m wide by 5.37 m high. The Christmas piece is 8.90 m wide by 1.50 m high... The blue and cream piece sprawled on the floor is a sewn strip for the back 30cm x 14.00 m wide We have 2 of these and 2 pieces 1m square. We hope to do more soon and we will keep you posted!! Now isn't that a great effort! Thank you ladies!! WOW!! - see the photos and be amazed - this is really fantastic work and will really help NI Big Sock on its way for the world record! Thank you Edith and the Urney hexagon Club. So who else has been busy sewing? Please send in your photos and encourage others! More hexagons needed so spread the word...

Epic Awards - Ireland runner up NI Big Sock

Know it's St Patrick's Day weekend but you'd think it was Christmas here!! Tissue paper, rolls of Christmas wrap, scissors and sticky tape! Been wrapping some of the gifts that are to go inside NI Big Sock when it is eventually finished!
I was inspired to do this by the oh so seasonal weather!

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Had quite a busy day at the Ulster Folk and Transport Museum, Cultra at their celebration of International Women's Day.
Our first visitors were a group of Cubs from 6th Bangor who were at the Residential Centre. They drew around the templates, cut out the fabric hexagons and then had a go at sewing around the shape. Thanks for all your help with the world record project!

We also had a special visitor, Olivia Nash (Ma from Give my Head Peace) who came along with daughter Patricia, and granddaughters Daisy and Livi. Olivia was very impressed by the creativity of NI Big Sock and was delighted to be photographed with the hexagons! Lovely to have a local celebrity join in.

Thanks to Madeline for inviting NI Big Sock along to the museum and continued interest in the project.

And thanks to members of Belfast Stitch n Bitch who came along to help, sew and chat - Jaele, Nikki, Anja and Patricia and not forgetting little member Seraphine who made lovely drawings with fabric pens for the Big Sock.

Visitors to NI Big Sock today added to the pile of cut fabric hexagons, made 112 hexagons sewn on to papers as well as sewing these together and working on different sections.

Community participation at it best! Thank you to all who came along to the Lagan Room today.


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Happy Mother's Day to all the mum's reading this post! Hope you get spoilt on your special day.

Don't forget the Ulster Folk and Transport Museum, Cultra is holding a International Women's Day today from 10am and NI Big Sock will be there. Mums (and everyone else!)can make a hexagon for this world record attempt.

We are also hoping to meet a very special mum (or 'Ma') this afternoon 🤗

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To celebrate International Women's Day, NI Big Sock will be at The Ulster Folk and Transport Museum, Cultra on Sunday from 10am.
Come along to the Lagan Room and make a hexagon or two!
In the past girls had to make quilts for their 'bottom drawer' and the females would gather and sew together to produce quilts. Relive this tradition and sew and chat around the table.

NI Big Sock will be taking part in the Createathon at the Ulster Museum. See details below - plenty of activities for all the family!

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Voluntary Arts Ireland to Createathon at the Ulster Museum

We have a jam packed programme of events for the Createathon at the Ulster Museum, Belfast.
Join us from 11.00am - 4.00pm on Sunday 25 March 2018 for all things creative!
No booking necessary
#GetCreative #CreativityMonth2018

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Voluntary Arts Ireland to Createathon at the Ulster Museum

Do you like a challenge?
Join NI Big Sock at the Ulster Museum and to hear all about the record breaking attempt to create the world's largest patchwork Christ...mas stocking in Northern Ireland!

"What NI Big Sock means to me:
On a massive scale, I think of the Big Sock as a way to bring people in and introduce them to the community of crafters that exist in NI. It teaches essential skills (basic sewing) and improves fine motor skills, concentration, and most importantly, offers the chance for people to be a part of something bigger. It truly is a project everyone can be involved with. "

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Just got another donation for NI Big Sock from long term supporter and friend, Jaele McColgan. Aren't the children's clothes she made just fabulous! These will make some children a great Christmas present!
She also gave in sheets which are always gratefully received.
We have to finish making the Stocking then it can be filled with all the lovely gifts! Keep sewing hexagons so we can get the world record and then give out the presents - will it be Christmas 2018? Or 2019?...

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Yesterday I was delighted to receive fabric pieces from a new contributor - Lynne Rowntree.
Today I have already cut out the fabric and sewn hexagons from some of the pieces!

Thanks Lynne x


Ps Also note the unexpected three way co-ordination of turquoise, fabric, pen and nails!! 😂

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Sewing hexagons into 'flowers' today! Love matching the colour schemes. NI Big Sock uses lots of creative and artistic skills 🤗

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Had to laugh when I realised that the hexagons I was making co-ordinated with coffee cup!

Who is making hexagons this morning?

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Did you know that NI Big Sock has already received two awards?

NI Big Sock was Epic Awards Ireland Runner Up in 2017 and Pamela Emerson, originator and co-ordinator of the project was awarded the Marsh/ Heritage Craft Awards Volunteer of the Year 2017.

Wouldn't it be fabulous if NI Big Sock received more recognition?


Why not follow the link below and show your support by voting for NI Big Sock as Best Joint Needlecraft Project of the Year .

The form is not too long! You can use photos that I have posted to support application.

Fingers crossed you help promote all the hard work, donations and hours cutting, sewing etc and dedication that has gone into this world record attempt!


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Join us for the first ever National Needlecraft Awards taking place on 1st March 2018 at the Spring Knitting & Stitching Show, Kensington Olympia. Help us celebrate all things needlecraft by submitting your own work or voting for your favourites.

Live in the Lisburn area and want to meet other crafters. Sew Darn Crafty meet once a month and would welcome new members. You can also drop off any NI Big Sock pieces / hexies / donate fabric. 🤗

Jan 11 - Jan 12Bar 15Lisburn, United Kingdom
4 people interested
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Voluntary Arts Ireland

Exactly 1 week to go until the #EpicAwards2018 deadline!
Here is what NI Big Sock had to say about being short listed at last year's event.

Get your moment in the spotlight and apply at:

Happy new year!

Do your new year resolutions include:
• Learning a new skill?
• meeting new people?...
• doing something challenging?
• clearing out your fabric stash?
• knitting up small items to use up yarn?
• some DIY involving changing curtains or bedding?

Well then the good news is that getting involved with NI Big Sock will solve all your problems!!
• You can join others who sew
• learn how to do English Paper Piecing
• cut up fabric into hexagons
• make squares and machine stitch for the back
• make items to fill the Sock which will go to local charities.
• the challenge is to complete a Christmas Stocking 52m tall by 22m from heel to toe!! That's nearly as tall as Belfast City Hall!!

If you are interested please get in touch via this page or pm.

Happy sewing in 2018!!

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Happy Christmas to everyone who has supported NI Big Sock! Hope you get a Stocking full of lovely things!

Thanks to Wendy Cullen for making this section which will go on the toe part of NI Big Sock 🤗

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Got a little Elf help with the sewing!

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