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Startup Weekend Perth 11 - LIVE - #SWPerth11
Idea Validation - Jurgen presenting at Startup Weekend Perth, ...

Did you know we record all the #startup events in Perth?

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Have a dig through the archives - You will learn:
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> How to #Raise #Capital and take advantage of the Early Stage Tax Incentives available to you

> What Rapid Prototyping and 3D Printing can do for you

> Essentials on Startup Intellectual Property (IP) - and how to protect yourself

> Dynamic Equity models

> Design Thinking, Customer Development and Idea Validation

> Hiring the best technical talent (even with large competitors in your midst)

> Trends and insights into Virtual Reality (#VR)

.... and much more...

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Missed a #Startup Event in #Perth? Watch them all here - totally free of charge. Build your startup the right way by learning from top local experts.

Stephanie Rowland from Mills Oakley giving some great legal tips for #perth #startups at Morning Startup.

Really great presentation if you’re new to company structures, where to get your paperwork done, legal and tax pitfalls to be aware of etc.

We’ll post the link in the comments to the full video when ready at

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Let’s say you have a blog, and you’d like to grow your blog readership to 100,000 readers per month.

Where would you start?

Where would you focus your attention, and what will you ignore?


What if you don’t have a big budget but you still want big results?

If those questions keep you up at night, then you’re in the right place because in this video, Miles Burke (Founder of 6Q and Bam Creative) will show you exactly what he did to grow his blog to over 100,000 monthly readers.


It took two years to achieve this level of readership, and whilst that may sound like a long time, consider that his effort produced an asset for him that will keep returning value on auto-pilot going forward.

How much value? 90% of his customers for 6Q were originally introduced to the 6Q brand via one of his blog posts. This is a great example of how a business was built from the ground up based on a great product and solid content marketing principles.

You can easily copy & paste Miles’ approach in your own industry, for your own products and services. This is a must-watch video for you if you are interested to learn some practical content marketing techniques that actually bring you positive ROI.

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[VIDEO] Learn the exact content marketing techniques to grow your blog to 100,000 monthly readers. Miles Burke details all strategies & tools used at

Ever wondered how to find more customers using Facebook® Advertising? Ever wondered why after visiting a website their advertisement then appears in your Facebook® feed and wanted the same for your business? If so, you're not alone, which is why we have social advertising Guru Ming Johanson coming in to share how this works.

Ming runs us through the basics of getting started, what is possible, and how to make your advertising $$$ go further, along with some hints and tips fro...m the professionals.

Recorded on 13 December 2017 at Morning Startup

Meetup link:…/events/244253675/

Want more? Get 50+ hours of recordings of #startup events, #interviews with #founders and business growth lessons at

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Ming from OTOTGo ( blowing a few minds this morning about Facebook advertising at Morning Startup

Full recording will be available here soon.

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WA: The State of Startups. Watch StartupWA December event and see what's on the horizon for our local startups in 2018. At 6pm today Techboard will also be announcing the winners of the 2017 Techboard Awards, so don't miss that.

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StartupWA was live — at Council House, Perth.

Join us live to kick off #WestTechFest with an insightful review of the WA #startup scene this year and have a look at what's on the horizon for 2018. This even...t brings together national, state and local perspectives on the composition, trends, highlights and lessons of relevance to everyone in the ecosystem. See the first release of fascinating data, and participate in discussions that will inform the future direction for advocates, investors and governments in 2018 and beyond. Don't miss our next event - visit us at

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We're live at Startup Weekend Perth #11 - November 2017. Watch the pitches here and see what the teams have created over the weekend.

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Need a crash course on product validation? Watch this video from Startup Weekend Perth, May 2017.

One of the biggest mistakes we make as entrepreneurs is falling in love with our own ideas - and not doing enough work to actually validate them with a real market.

If you've done it, you'll know what I mean... spending months or years of your life building something everyone TOLD you they wanted, but then they come up with all sorts of excuses when you ask them to buy it a few ...months later after emerging from your dev cave. Even worse... sometimes we think our idea is such an ultra special snowflake that we avoid telling anyone about it. "What if they steal my idea!"

Sound familiar?

When you're finally done building it (whatever you thought your market wanted, without actually involving them in the process) you'll be left scratching your head and licking your wounds thinking "Why don't people want this? It's such a good idea.. everyone told me they would "definitely buy it" when I asked them... what happened??"

This is a very unprofitable and time consuming way to F things up for yourself in the long run, but the good news is that you can avoid it quite easily if you know a few basic concepts.

If you want to avoid this horrible fate, and start off building something people will PAY for, then watch me walk through a few concepts and ideas that will help you get started on the right path with your development, including the "Pay Propensity Test", "Innovation adoption curve" and some sample scripts and language frameworks for asking the right questions to the right group of people to ensure you get accurate buying intent signals.

If you do this, you'll know if your product will succeed before starting.

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Live now for StartupWA - watch the event here and see some of the big opportunities for Aussie startups

👉 👈

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Missed last night's Plus Eight Accelerator Demo Day? Relive the magic and see all the amazing pitches at the video below:


Plus Eight is startup accelerator based in Perth, Western Australia. Plus Eight is a partnership between WA’s leading startup hub, Spacecubed and Telstra's accelerator, Muru-D Australia, bringing a global network of mentors, investors and partners to support high growth #startups.


Watch the 2017 Perth cohort pitch their startups at the 2017 Demo Day, held at FLUX on 6 September 2017.


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[VIDEO] Watch all the pitch sessions from the 2017 Plus Eight Accelerator right here at

Learn about bitcoin and how cryptocurrencies work in this fantastic talk by Drew Pflaum at this morning startup event.

Today's talk by Drew Pflaum on Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency and Blockchain is now available to watch on the Niche Interview Startup Events page:…/

[VIDEO] Drew Pflaum from Perth BTC presents a thought provoking and entertaining presentation on bitcoin, cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.

Catch all the action from the Plus Eight accelerator program - live at the link below tomorrow. Listen to all the pitches and see what each of these awesome startups have been up to.

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#PlusEight demo night is a sellout! If you can't make it we have a live stream ready to go starting at 6:25pm Wednesday 6th September

Ministry of Data Perth - Pitch Sessions

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Ministry of Data HQ was live.

Government & Innovators Unite to Create Global Solutions for Validated Government Problems
Are you an innovator, developer, data guru, designer, existing start-...up looking for their big break or just someone who likes to solve problems?
Ministry of Data is just for you. Ministry of Data’s first hackathon aims to solve pre-validated problems from two leading Government agencies, Main Roads WA and Water Corporation WA. These problems are not isolated. They are faced by governments and enterprises globally!
For information on the problems being presented please visit These problems, if solved, have applications for autonomous vehicles, CCTV, traffic management, remote workers and many more.

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If you missed my recent Morning Startup talk at Spacecubed on $100m Crowdfunding, you can now watch the recording of the event here. 👉…/100mm-crowdfunding-insight…/

Thanks to everyone who made it in and packed out the room! And don't forget to join the next Morning Startup event - Check out the meetup group here:…/events/240770344/

[FREE VIDEO] Learn what it takes to raise 6 figures and beyond - on Crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter and Indiegogo.