Detroit house tour for you !!! If you know who lived here-built it-dreamed here --let me know :)
January 2nd --we are hitting HGTV--you ready?
Detroit SkyLight

Don't say you "loved" my show...It's not gone. I promise we have new episodes coming. I'm not on here as much as I'm renovating a charming 1936 house and I will most likely have the entire beauty redone before we have internet there:)

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Posted by Nicole Curtis

today is Tessa Prothero day.....she should be making a ruckus, she should be singing, she should be dancing, she should be giggling, she should be.... alive. Happy Birthday, sweet girl. You are missed, your laugh, your smile, your love, your hugs. Cancer is taking our babies from us at a faster rate than ever before-share her name, her story, today she should be turning 10.

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We are getting ready to kick off new episodes. And the hardest part of editing these last few is that it's the end of any footage with Tessa. She would be turning ten this month. I really do have fun at work, but when Tessa had a good day (which was more like a good hour during the last few months) she would come to work and film. She loved it-dancing, singing, goofing around with her dad. Bittersweet for us soaking in every moment knowing these were our last ones. This photo... was taken at her 8th birthday party--the strength in this girl ---I never would have imagined I would be posting this in memory of her. I think it's fitting that she was born in Feb-a month most people associate with love and hearts....she is love. If you have a picture of Tessa from one of our events, please post. Make no mistake, she ran the show and it was awesome to watch.

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In my opinion, it is not a "restoration" when a house's parts are gutted and yes, I still make that face when I see it done.

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I received an email from a family asking if I wanted their piano -FREE-just had to move it. I smiled and said YEP. Here's the thing, more old pianos end up being smashed in garbage trucks than any other household item. Once a staple in almost every home -you seriously can't even give them away anymore (unless you find someone like me) I hired a piano moving company (275 bucks) and this is a lesson learned many years ago attempting to move one in a truck -pay the money worth e...very cent. We got her home just in time for our annual Christmas party. People assume I play since it's sitting here -nope. However, these FREE pianos are in all our homes because it gives the most important people in our lives joy. These 3 cuties were over today making the most beautiful harmony between their laughter and the smashing of the ivories. It's out of tune and we don't care. After they left, I got out my lemon oil and polished the beautiful century old wood and said a little thank you ---children need outlets for their creativity NOT outlets to charge the electronics and this old beauty is giving another generation exactly that . Spread the word, don't let the FREE part fool ya -the value is priceless

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January 27

Gearing up for new episodes-going through my after shots and realizing I caught myself in the camera :):) So much floral in this room that I almost pulled it out---little too much for me, but after seeing it I realize it fit this house just right

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I absolutely refuse to sell my favorite houses, plus, it's such a pain moving all my antiques:) (that's my latest excuse for hoarding them) We have just started renting out the "14 mile House" and it's been a lot of fun. I had a last minute renter this week and found myself up there making beds --having a good laugh that there is probably one million possible other things I should be doing, but there I was. If you find yourself anywhere near our great state of Michigan-come s...tay at one of our homes. I promise you they are even more fabulous in person thanks to the talents of my amazing team. You will also see that we really don't have Palm Trees outside our kitchen window-just one of my little tricks to hide the fact that the house next door looked like heck through my window when I was shooting:) Oh, and btw, I found a few houses listed on airbnb as "Nicole Curtis designed"---not one of them was ours:):) Unless you see a picture of my gramps on a wall-we don't own it:):)

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Entire home/apt in Birmingham, United States. Welcome to our "city house"-Very cute & clean 2 bedroom 1928 home. Designed to have the feel of a luxury hotel, w/the quaintness of "home" when traveling. Perfect for business (short walk to downtown, quick drive to Southfield and...

What's that ? Twenty thousand in foam insulation going into a project that I'll lose money on 😂No joke, but so many people ask and the answer is yes-we insulate (like this when we go to studs). This house was built in 1885 and was set for demolition....yep, then it became ours. Last project in Minneapolis and probably our most amazing ---don't ever believe the media blasting my name over this project-my guys (including my son) have been putting their hearts and souls into this -I'm simply signing checks and designing from warm weather on this one it was -25 when they started work this morning

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I usually write some profound post on New Year's Day ---I'm staring at the ocean and contemplating whether or not to go stare at snow. I might go "swim", but due to my lack of skills it often gets mistaken for signs of distress. Either way, what I've discovered over the years is that the only time my brain truly lets go from overthinking every last detail of life is when I give in to that sassy 9 year old girl inside me. I'm not one for shoving life advice at people (a quick google search proves I have no leg to stand on in that arena) -Home advice yes -life advice no. So I'll share some that I get regularly from my 90+ yr old posse -do it while you're young and do it smiling God Bless, my friends and Happy New Year and to my favorite 9 yr old girl -I wish you were here to make fun of me:) we all miss you

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Bobby and Reid are working in Minneapolis today. No one ever believes me how cold it gets there. I'm supposed to be on a plane flying in, but Lucy is insisting we say home Stay warm out there AND bring your pets in -it's too cold for them outside.

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Well, the rest of the packages will be leaving my dining room. If it's packed neatly, it was by someone other than me if you are missing an item, we will not have more in stock until Jan 1 to ship out. I'm happy to report that I only got a few nasty emails out of 3000 orders so that was nice. It means that the rest of you are amazing, understanding and actually read my messages hope you had a Merry Christmas- I know a couple hundred families that did because of the generosity and love of strangers

Merry Christmas (before Santa's grammar police come out -yes, there's an extra comma)

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It's officially Christmas, I'm in my dining room finally wrapping up the Christmas wishes. I thought I would share our card that we did for this year's charity drive (of course, not everyone was pictured) We started 2017 so excited as we decided to come back on TV-jumped right into filming when we received the horrifying news that Tessa's cancer had spread to her soft tissue (which meant what no one wanted to say). I remember each of those days so vividly. All of us wanted to... just stop in our steps and ball our eyes out, but we knew that Bobby and Karin had plenty of that (and so did Tessa) so we did our best to cry in private and smile in public. She came to our sites a lot-nothing made her happier than being on camera and knowing her daddy was on TV. In May, reality hit and it was time for Bobby to stay home ---no more hiding our tears-we all simply worked in silence and just did what we could to be there for them. Our house we were working on was just a few blocks from their house and we would walk over and see Tessa. I remember one day she crawled into my lap and put my arms around her and we rocked back and forth on the front lawn. I wish I had a photo of that moment.We were watching my little one play with her little sister. A few weeks later, that final "any day" call came. There is nothing in the world that prepares anyone for this-everyone asks what can we do--and the answer is nothing. Nothing makes this okay. Our lives changed that day in June. Bobby called and said I bought a camper-I hope you understand and they left for 8 weeks after Tessa died. It was music to our ears---as friends we wanted nothing more than peace for this family and knowing they were getting away to mourn privately made us happy, Bobby is a bit of a perfectionist on our sites and he was worried about how his leaving would hold us up. We were mos behind for delivery of the show, our projects not done and none of us cared. We told Bobby to go.I jumped back on the jobsite full time (which I haven't had to do in years) and these guys worked day endlessly to cover the work. I've heard about "brotherhood"--but I'm still a woman (no matter what anyone may say:)) so I'm not sure what the term is for what my guys and I have besides love. Tomorrow is the first Christmas with Tessa being gone--I was thinking today looking through all the different shots we had of this for our card (I"m elf on the shelf in this one)-that she would think this is funny, but more importanlty that she would have photo bombed it and showed us all up by being in front doing the splits with a big smile on her face and certainly would have smiled knowing this pic helped give Christmas to so many kids:) Merry Christmas and God Bless-Love, Nicole

PS-you're not losing your mind the photo didn't post:):)

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Good morning!!!! I have double-checked all my Christmas wish lists ten times now and believe we have everyone squared away. If you wrote a previous request and it was for kids (and did not ask for cash, car, house, etc) and it DID NOT get answered, please email me now. MAKE SURE YOU HAVE CHECKED YOUR SPAM FILE HAD A FEW SHOW UP THERE -TARGET EMAIL . If you did get an email with gift cards, you can go right to the store and they can scan your email:) Merry Christmas!!!!!

SO PROUD OF OUR TEAM WHICH INCLUDES DO MANY OF YOU !!!!!!!! We made Christmas possible for so many! Gross sales over 65k !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just left the dining room and took a few minutes to let it hit me...we even had enough to stop an eviction 😀Merry Christmas indeed and btw -this time 20 years ago, I went into labor with God's gift to me Happy Birthday to my son who is my light, my life, my love