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The missing schooner Niña is believed to have sunk by the New Zealand authorities that have suspended the search for the historic yacht and its crew of seven unique individuals. But we haven't given up hope... There is a reasonable optimism that the crew is still alive and the search should be ongoing.

The official search and rescue operations were called off prematurely, and despite the lack of ...any evidence to support the claim that they did not survive a storm. Niña was reported missing in the Tasman Sea and is officially believed to have met a catastrophic end.

However, many people are not so sure... No wreckage, debris or evidence to support their claim was found. And the boat's EPIRB (Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon), which can be activated either manually, or automatically when it gets underwater, was never used.

The fact is that no one, except for Niña's missing crew, knows what happened. Aside from a couple of satellite-aided messages exchanged on June 3rd and 4th, which indicate they were trying to evade a storm, their storm sails were shredded, and that they didn't check back six hours later as they said they would.

It is obvious that something went very wrong, but no one really knows what and how wrong... Their satellite communication was disrupted, which might have been foreshadowed by their last message failing to reach the intended recipient. Whatever the problem was, it got worse to the degree of cutting off the communication completely. Being underwater would achieve this, yes, but so could several other things...

The search has officially been called off on July 6th, with only the last day of the searches considering the important new information included in the non-delivered message. And the authorities ruled that the Niña "sunk without a trace".

So, it is either that the Niña and its resilient crew got caught in a perfect storm, which caused everything to go wrong at the same time, and orchestrated the sinking and total disappearance of a 21m (70ft) yacht along with its seven-strong crew; or they lost communications, have damaged sails, and probably faced more damage that prevented them from making it to the shore since they left New Zealand on May 29th, but did not face anything (yet) to set off the absolute last-resort measure EPIRB...

When valuable human lives are at risk, there is not much of a point to the debate of which scenario is the more likely. It is only our duty to explore the possibilities. Can the boat be so crippled that the wind and the ocean currents dictate where they go? Or perhaps they still have some control and are making their way slowly to a shore... Are they shipwrecked, waiting for rescue on a deserted island or even on a reef? Or are they in the life raft, still, hoping for a miracle?

With all these possibilities in plain sight, to declare the Niña sunk and its seven human lives expired seems not only a bit irresponsible, but also insensitive.

The famous historic Niña, and much more importantly, the seven individuals that are on board deserve continued meticulous searches. Niña's skipper David Dyche, his wife, Rosemary, 60, their son David, 17; along with Evi Nemreth, 73, of Boulder, Colorado; University of Nebraska graduate Kyle Jackson, 27; 19-year-old Danielle Wright from Lafayette, Louisiana; and 35-year-old British environmental activist Matt Wootton.


1.) HOME BANK - drop off checks at any location in South Louisiana, Acct# 2059321602.

2.) Go online to Community Foundation of Acadiana - Danielle Wright Search Fund.

3.) Go online to Texas Equusearch -, please add special instruction to the seller - Nina Search Fund.

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