A huge thank you to Natasha and her friends for raising a staggering £3,259.50 by running in The Cardiff Half Marathon.

Sam’s life and death sent ripples through lots of lives. We all do our bit to honour his memory and hopefully help others not to take the same path.

Thank you again to Natasha and her friends xxxx

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I recently posted that I wanted to collect shoes.

A strange request! Very strange!

However, there is a plan.


Each pair of shoes collected will be placed on mass, to show the numbers of people that have taken to suicide just in Wales. Each pair of shoes represents one person that took their own life.

The data I have collected so far for the first five years of this decade are that 1,650 people took their lives between 2011-2015. Just in Wales!

Sons, daughters, fathers, mothers, friends......all gone.

I should get 2016 figures soon but I expect the number to push the above to around 2,000 souls.

I’m saddened, shocked and feel even more passionate that we have to make this happen.

I have had some responses to have shoe bins placed to collect shoes for 19 but I need more. Can more businesses, schools, sports centres etc help do this?

This will happen. Somehow I will get 2,000 shoes.

It will be such a huge statement to see 2,000 pairs placed outside The National Assembly for Wales, Cardiff Castle, Swansea beach etc.

No money required, just some time and effort.

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I previously posted this. There is talk of it being “prescribed” by the NHS for people suffering from mental health issues.

No pills or chemicals just some “forest bathing”. Sounds fab to me.…/entries/b2c35c4f-5f8d-47f2-90d7-b274…

The Japanese craze set to takeover British woodland

Someone I know was suffering from mental health issues at work. Instead of offering support, they were vilified and bullied out of their job.

So I have seen how employers should NOT deal with mental health issues in the work place.

Poor mental health costs the UK economy up to £99bn each year, a report concludes.
October 19
We will never have girls who love and cherish themselves if we continue to burden them with failings that are hardly ever theirs, says freelance writer Cerys Howell
October 14

We just received this lovely letter from The Gwent Police Pensioners Association.

It is very humbling to get such a nice letter from people that have served our community for most if their lives.

Thank you to Chris and to everyone in the association.

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October 14

A huge thank you to Michelle Carlyle and Sarah Desmond for running the Cardiff Half marathon and for raising over £350.00.

Thank you Michelle and Sarah for doing something to highlight mental health awareness.

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October 14
FAMILIES who faced long waits in intensive care while their loved ones were being treated, have helped transform a hospital unit by donating…
October 12

One of the most powerful ways I have seen the human cost of suicide, is displays of shoes by the Golden Gate Bridge and in New Zealand.

Each pair of shoes represents a life lost to suicide.

I’d like to do something similar here in Wales. My plan is to take shoes all over Wales and display them in a similar way to this picture. Maybe outside the Welsh Assembly in The Bay and other Welsh landmarks. Each pair of shoes on display will be a life lost to suicide here in Wales.


So I need shoes, lots of shoes either new or preferably used.

If you can offer a place for people to drop shoes off. I will supply a bin with a “19” logo.

Once I have a few locations, I can post these for people to drop shoes off.

I’m hoping this powerful message here in Wales will stimulate debate and help save a life.

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October 5

Congratulations to Natasha and her team for successfully completing the Cardiff Half Marathon yesterday. I hope you suffered no injuries.

As always, it's not about raising money it's about promoting mental health awareness and how vulnerable young adult men are to suicide.

With some incredible news today that the team has raised nearly £3,000.00 so far.


To everyone that took part and supported you. Thank you x

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We will be putting people through ASIST training next year. Courses to be run either in Newport or Cardiff.

Ideally, if you can raise some money to contribute, that would be great as it means we can get more people in the course at a subsided rate.

It is a two day course and potentially your place of work my give you time off to attend as you bring these new skills to the work place.


If you are interested, then let me know and I can start booking places.

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Lots of people on "19" are off to uni or in uni. Other followers are parents thinking of their children in uni. To all those people have a read.

This article gives some insight into Mental Health issues at uni.…/students-mental-ill-health-to…

As a clinical psychologist Nihara Krause has seen a rapid growth in teenagers needing urgent help. She says it makes no sense to cut funding for vital NHS services

I posted a similar article this week but this one is still relevant to 19. It's haunting!…/606-empty-shoes-growing-toll-…

Suicide is New Zealand’s silent epidemic. The country has the highest youth suicide rates in the developed world and some people want to talk about it
August 30

Nearly a year ago, my two grown teenage children gave me a wonderful photo album for my birthday. It contained pictures of me and them together when they were children. If you were Richard Branson, you could not have had a more special or beautiful present.
Today, was the first time I've looked at it since Sam passed away. It's been too hard to look at.
To those that support 19 or any other charity associated with mental health, teenage suicide, suicide etc I say thank you. ...
If one person listens to you, if money raised helps one person to live their life. Then that's a great thing.
Love your children as they are and always will be your greatest gift to the world.
To both my children, I love you and I hope to do better xx

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August 29

A terrifying view of a terrifying problem.

Among 15-19 year olds New Zealand has by far the world's highest suicide rate
August 21
On most counts, young people's lives are improving. Drinking, smoking and drug-taking are down in the UK; teen pregnancies are at their lowest level for nearly half a century. Yet there is growing evidence that teens are in the grip of a mental-health crisis. It is as if, rather than acting out, you...