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Social media is full of messages that the air quality has improved in Delhi-NCR. Since I was not feeling comfortable with the improved levels, I checked the AQI (Air quality index) published by the US embassy. During most of the time in last 2 days, the quality is reported at "VERY UNHEALTHY" levels. It seems most of us are happy as the air quality is not in the "Hazardous" category now. Exactly what I had feared in my article on Delhi Smog! LET US NOT ADJUST TO UNHEALTHY AIR like We have adjusted to Unhealthy WATER. The deep rooted issue is far from over. Let's not wait till a health epidemic shakes us.
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Good news for spicy food lovers..
WebMD says it helps the metabolism.

Did you know spicy foods have natural chemicals that can kick your metabolism into a

... See More
WebMD offers 10 tips to increase your metabolism and speed up the rate at which you burn calories and lose weight.

After a long day in air conditioning , I often get sick. Wanted to check if it's just me.....look what I found.…/air-conditioning-health_b_7…

There are times when I am extremely thankful for air conditioning -- usually after I have had a long workout on a hot summer's day and am still sweating ...

Places for germs to thrive : Some obvious ones and some not so obvious ones from WebMD.

“Your kitchen sponge accumulates millions of bacteria, even when cleaned regularly. How often you should replace it:

A serious challenge, especially for an ageing population. A powerful suggestion on recording the visit. Wish this can become a reality !

The Appointment Ends. Now the Patient Is Listening.

Patients often don’t recall what was said in the doctor’s office. Should you record the visit to review later?

An interesting study

Dieting adults who wore activity monitors for 18 months lost significantly fewer pounds over that time than those who did not.

Seemingly harmless beauty products can also be dangerous. Sharing info from WebMD on risks of black henna

So-called "black henna" contains a color ingredient that can blister or even scar your skin. What you should know:

Don't let spider bites, sunburn, poison ivy, chigger bites, and jellyfish stings sabotage your healthy skin. This WebMD slideshow illustrates what to watch for -- so you can stay safe this summer.

Researchers question whether you should really finish your antibiotics:

A new article challenges conventional thinking about finishing antibiotics, but some doctors say they aren't ready to change advice to patients yet.

Insightful article from NYT:
As Workouts Intensify, a Harmful Side Effect Grows More Common

Newbies to spin classes can land in the emergency room, as doctors say they are seeing more of the rare but dangerous rhabdomyolysis.

In case of our health, we don't want to give any time to the nature to take its course. In the process of development we are doing everything to disrupt the course of nature!
What happened to the ancient wisdom of "living in harmony with nature."? Hope my recent Huffington Post article rings a bell.

The sacred Himalayas are even more endangered than the holy cow.

When I was diagnosed with severe vitamin D deficiency, I diligently followed the prescription. However, when my husband, who has had his fill of sun, milk, and exercise all along was told the same, I was perplexed. Glad to see that research is on to get to the bottom of the "Vitamin D myth"
Why Are So Many People Popping Vitamin D?

There is no epidemic of vitamin D deficiency, experts say, yet pointless testing and treatment are rampant.

In the spirit of sharing tips for self help- It's never too late to exercise!
The Best Exercise for Aging Muscles

Certain kinds of exercise may mitigate the effects of aging at the cellular level.

Legal battles cant be answer for medical errors. Take control n Protect yourself before its late. Data from USA shows why

A Medscape poll shows that 71% of physicians and 74% of nurses say there is pressure to do so. More than a third of physicians said lying to protect a colleague could be justified if the patient wasn't harmed.

MyBook challenges pill popping culture and urges to think of lifestyle changes first. This NYT piece supports this

Proton pump inhibitors are linked to problems like nutrient deficiencies, joint pain, bone fractures, heart attacks and dementia.

There is a limited period offer @Rs 199/ on amazon for the India paperback of my book "The Ninjja Sutra: Surviving the healthcare web". (20th Jan-31st Jan 2017). Hope you can make use of this window. Please do share within your circles. Thanks for all the support.

No matter how healthy you are, at some point you will encounter the confusion that is the health care system. While there are plenty of books tackling the health care system from an academic or political perspective, few consider it from a personal-but-objective viewpoint, and none illustrate its...

An interesting news article below. Reinforces the dangers of unnecessary procedures that I have talked about in my book. Correcting the misaligned incentives of doctors is not in our purview but as patients we can certainly be more careful ..take multiple opinions and do our own diligence.…/surprising-confessions-surge…/story…

Dr. Marty Makary is one of the leading surgeons at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, Md., and the author of "Unaccountable," in which he pulls back the operating-room curtain to air what he claims are hospitals' dirty secrets. Watch the full story on "20/20: True Confessions" Friday at 10 p.m....