My boys from Born of Osiris raging me on stage in Hartford! I love you guys!!!
Last night in Chicago got to rock out with my boys from BOO!
Gloomy day

Im going to put some new tracks up on my Sloth Logic page that multi genre. So if you are interested in what weird things ive been making definitely check it out.

Anyone have any good digital art I can use for my random sloth logic tracks they are willing to donate? Im just making tracks that are just fun. Send me a PM if you have some if you are down


Patterns in Static

All my music is free at

This will be the last track I post up for awhile... "Patterns in Static".

**If you like the track repost it**

(Track posted in comments)

I was writing an EP called "Disproving My Existence". It was going to be an experimental concept 3 track about the space between the ego and ego loss. Being stunk in purgatory between the two planes. I never really finished the track but I posted it up.

I think right now creatively i'm letting go of everything I was working on to let in fresh new ideas.

Drunk Kiss

All my music is free at

Im having fun writing again. Not concerned about genres anymore. Im just writing whatever comes to me. It feels good. Sloth Logic has been where Ive been dumping out my ideas If you haven't checked it out yet. Im about to drop another track here in a minute call "Drunk Kiss". Check it out


All my music is free at

So I started writing this Post-rock/ambient/breaks track the other day. It reminds me of when I first started writing electronic music. Ill post it up on the Sloth Logic soundcloud for a little bit as a WIP. Im liking the vibe of it. I want to figure out how to incorporate my sound design in it without making it a cheesy edm track. If that makes sense. ill let you know when its posted!

Edit: Posted in comments

Im planning on doing another Goggle Hangout soon and I would love for more people to talk to about music. This was my first test run at it and I didnt know what I was doing at all. I didnt know it was broadcasted either (so please excuses my language) but I would love to talk to more fans on a personal level directly. Here is a link to the first hang out. (You can skip the first 8 or so minutes)


So This is me trying to figure out Google hangouts so I can start interacting with my fans. I didnt realize it recored the live feed. I would have watched my language a little more. So apologies there. Had a good talk with some friends that joined. I plan on doing another soon. I hope more people can join in and we all can touch on a lot of topics. (you can skip the first 7-8mins of the video)


I wish I could have an easy way to video chat an AMA (ask me anything) with my fans. I know there are a few platforms, but I just want to be able to interact with them on a more personal level. I feel a disconnect when it's just me answering via text. Any suggestions?

Circa 2010 chillin with Gladkill in SF. The funny thing about this is now he lives on the west coast and I'm in the east. We need a new picture Boris hahaha

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So I wrote a track like a year two ago that I thought was cool but turned out to be pretty cheesy. Its not mastered, but I love sharing my music, cool or lame with you all. You want to hear it?

Edit: Its posted in the comments

Hey guys let me know if you are having any issues with downloading on the website. Again its new and still working out the kinks. I just want to make sure its a solid foundation to start releasing on and getting music directly to the fans. I want to say thank you all again for all your support over the years and supporting the music Ive been releasing, old or new.

Who grabbed the Sloth Logic album? You guys digging the early works?