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NNP Rally at Telescope Playing Field
Senate Sitting - April 13th, 2017
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Sheldon Scott
· December 19, 2016
Great Job Guys keep it up. Quite a lot of positive outcomes already and many more to come. :-)
Nixon Mitchell
· March 22, 2017
Important insects bite is public health cleanup of Grenada people support
Ledon Johnson St John
· March 26, 2016
First and foremost, am no friend to the political cowards and technocrats that are running our beautiful lady, lady Grenada.. I call her a lady because she is ...beautiful..With many eyes on her over years, she has been raped. by some of our political leaders.. As well as the pimp investors attracted by her beautiful body, they have deprive her. of her Virtue and potential.. She has finally become a prostitute under both political potties, NNP/ NDC. Once opposing rivals have join forces to sale her to the invading pimps that claim to have a vested interest in her, we yet to see where the hundreds of millions that was given to some of the pimps, to take care of lady Grenada needs.. We continue to hear the slogan by some of our Dr leaders.. Speaking and constant in delivery, as court.. Grenade is better with NNP, well I got news for you sir, lady Grenada is better with all her children and people home and abroad. You not her husband, you as well a son that has failed her so many times over, you fail her yet again after you have been given another chance by lady Grenada children.. Who are your sisters and brother in whom you continue to show the highest form of disregards. All she ask of you was to provide the basic needs for children, a good health service . Creat jobs for her children..plant her with the vegetable to feed all her love ones, educate Her young children.. Our young men and woman are perishing right before her eyes, this health minister must get out now, go back and sell bus and cars. You have no love and interest in lady Grenada and her love ones who believe in her, and to further state Camerhogne Park is not going anywhere, forward ever backwards never,, our people happiness worth more than money.. You remember I told you Dr M, you was getting 15.. It don't take a man with a common mind to revert such result months before you over warming result,, our people are in pain and hard ship, you need to take this two form of action, 1 get reed of your health Minister, 2 tCamerhogne Park stay as is, make it a non development area, if not time will tell believe me. With the power of a key board and Grenadian's for better Grenada. And the strength of lady Grenada.. We going to act. We don't have to speak with our mouth, by the pen on elections day is our day of action.., come what's may the words of our elders will be inform of all things,, you have shown the high form disregards you sisters and brothers, stop dividing lady Grenada and her people. Forward ever backwards never.. It's time we end lady Grenada seafaring. See More
Dorcy Andrews
· September 18, 2014
I think the Government of Grenada should do more towards the mosquito infection that is presently renting the lives of Grenadines.
Nixon Mitchell
· September 2, 2015
Grenada public islanders responsible for cleanup Grenada Destin men Address it issues
Shabba Regis
· June 16, 2014
Time to start the jobs flowing...
Tuesday 13th June 2017: The New National Party has announced its second batch of caretakers as preparations continue for general elections constitutionally due in 2018.
Caretakers have been named for St George North East, St Andrew North West and St Andrews South West, St John and Carriacou.
The decisions were taken following an executive meeting of the party late Monday.