Our first single, ‘Ecdysis, Shedding Weak Flesh’ deals with tearing down boundaries and ridding oneself of the restraints that hinder the advancement of the individual.

When removing weakness, one must march forward and abandon ways that are tried and tested. This is representative of the approach that we took to the album as a whole.

‘Ecdysis’ in particular forges a new path that we have previously left unexplored. Still revelling in darkness, yet twisting in ways we had n...ot imagined.

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Premiere: Nocturnal Graves Unleash ‘Ecdysis, Shedding Weak Flesh”, Upcoming Album “Titan” Out May 18th Posted by Bailey Graham | Feb 21, 2018 | Features, Premiere | 0 | Nocturnal Graves have unleashed a new track, ‘Ecdysis, Shedding Weak Flesh’ from their upcoming album ‘Titan’, out ...

Fast Eddie, your legacy is eternal. Respect.

\m/ RIP LEMMY & PHIL!! \m/

All of us in this band grew up listening (and still listening) to AC/DC...

Malcolm Young, a man who always put the power of real Rock n Roll before ego.

A legend who’s legacy is immortal....


Now on the Highway to Hell.... raise a glass and a fist in his honour.

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There is none higher than the Self.

Silence the Martyrs...

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Operation Werewolf

No excuses. No one else to blame. Nowhere left to run. We shape our own lives. 92.

“Satan’s Cross” Lp/CD re-released by Seasons of Mist our Dec. 8....

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Season of Mist
Record Label
Season of Mist is with Roberto Rodriguez Lara.

Nocturnal Graves (Official) are re-issuing their debut album 'Satan's Cross', which will include the original demo as bonus tracks. The full-length will hit the... stores on December 8th and can now be pre-ordered here:
The Australians have employed renowned painter Paolo Girardi (INQUISITION, MANILLA ROAD, HIEROPHANT) to produce the amazing recreation of the original cover art.

Currently, NOCTURNAL GRAVES are getting ready to conquer the world with their forthcoming third full-length to be released in 2018 on Season of Mist!

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Recordings for the new album complete. Mixing before Total Death comes reaping.... for now...

Australian Thrash Metal Band, Slaughter Lord playing the song "Slaughter Lord" in Sydney, Australia 4/12/1987
Nocturnal Graves (Official) added a new photo.
June 2, 2017
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NOCTURNAL GRAVES - ...from the Bloodline of Cain - Live at Netherlands Deathfest II, Tilburg, Holland 03.03.2017.
Original line-up of superb, unique,Welsh Rock Band Budgie, featuring Burke Shelley Bass and Lead vocals, Tony Bourge, Lead Guitar, and Ray Phillips Drums. BR...

We are on this show, playing early. Forever We Die for Death, til the End!!!!!

Thu 8:00 PM UTC+10The Gasometer HotelCollingwood, VIC, Australia
188 people interested

Get to these shows

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4th May - Melbourne
5th May - Canberra...
6th May - Sydney
7th May - Newcastle
8th May - Brisbane
11th May - TBA
12th May - TBA
13th May - Rockhampton
14th May - Ipswitch
20th May - Adelaide*
*Tombsealer Only

Individual event pages to come...see you cunts on the road!

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Sat 7:30 PM UTC+11Reverence HotelFootscray, VIC, Australia
217 people interested