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ALESTORM with The Dread Crew of Oddwood and Rumahoy, Manchester O2 Ritz, February 18th 2018. The photos aren't great, but whaddya expect on a phone with smoke and flashy lighting

Bulldog and The Mrs are at Piratefest in Manchester.

Just seen a storming performance by The Dread Crew of Oddwood. Awesome bunch'a lads all the way from California here to invade our ears and provide able support to Alestorm. Check out their "heavy mahogany" style of pirate metal and buy the shit outta their shit! and buy the shit outta their shit!

Rumahoy! brought some serious cannon fire to Piratefest, with the imposing figure of Captain Yarrface front and centre, comma...nding his plunderous North Carolina crew to loot our ears. Crank 'em up to volumes unacceptable to your neighbours.

The tidal wave of awesome came crashing to the venue's shore with the mighty Alestorm. Loved it from beginning to end, feels like our ears have been f**ked with an anchor and we can barely talk and we wouldn't have it any other way.

A crazy rum-fuelled night of drink, dancing, drink, and more drink. One of the best gigs we've ever been to.

NM rated:
🤘 🤘 🤘 🤘 🤘/5.

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September 9, 2017

The Sisters of Mercy w/ Therapy? September 1st 2017, Camden Roundhouse, London.

Well this is long overdue! The Sisters of Mercy with Therapy? Camden Roundhouse. Now we're talkin! Bulldog's first time seeing The Sisters in over 10 years, and Mrs Bulldog's first time seeing them ever. Supported by the legendary Therapy?, epic night ahead!

Finally a new song for the Christmas list!

Lacuna Coil - Naughty Christmas (Lyric Video). Century Media Records 2016. iTunes: Amazon MP3:

Ah the joys of revisiting things... Since we wrote the review for Otep's third album "The Ascension" they've released four more. Here's the brutal "Confrontation" to keep you entertained while we do more stuff that we're not yet ready to reveal

OTEP "Confrontation" the_Ascension IN STORES NOW is now officially part of DigitalBulldog Web Publishing! Ooh, what's this below? Must mean something's in the works...

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Anyone got a time machine, or even a vortex manipulator? We just haven't got the time to keep this up to date as much as we'd like. Bulldog would like to personally apologise to any bands we said we'd review (and there's a good few), things have just been too hectic across the board and it just hasn't been possible to get things done the way we wanted.

What we DO want to do still is take submissions from bands who want their promos and demos aired. Message us the links and we...'ll share your hard-fought efforts with the NoiseMattersverse.

Rock and metal are still the most prevalent and diverse genre of music out there, and with it being found by more people every day as an alternative to the waste-of-space commercial charts and narrow-minded radio stations, we still want to do our bit, where we can, to bring noise to the masses.

The NM website will remain for the time being as an archive of past reviews on our webzine, with all live new content going on here on the FB page.

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Just because. Crank it up loud and educate the neighbors.

DJ Kitty Lectro spins & remixes Goth, Industrial, Darkwave, Deathrock, Post-Punk, Alternative, Gloom.

Alissa White-Gluz takes over vocals from Angela Gossow in Arch Enemy, and Vicky Psarakis steps up to take over White-Gluz's old position in The Agonist. Gossow will apparently be taking on a management role with Arch Enemy. Here's the first official video featuring Alissa on vocals, we think you'll agree it's pretty fuckin' epic!

ARCH ENEMY - War Eternal (OFFICIAL VIDEO). Taken from the album "War Eternal". Century Media 2014.

What all good band websites should be, shiny and with loudness attached.

Aww c'mon, this should be a walkover for The Pretty Reckless against Black Veil Brides! C'mon peeps, get your vote in to support The Pretty Reckless NOW!

Vote for either Black Veil Brides' 'We Don't Belong' or The Pretty Reckless' 'Heaven Knows' in our latest Cage Match.

Yup, they still got it. Shirley's prowling that stage like a predator on the hunt.

Buy Garbage's new album "Not Your Kind of People": Garbage at their very best, performing their new song in Mexico, September 2012. ...

No contest. NM backs TPR all the way on this, sorry BVB!

Vote for either Black Veil Brides' 'We Don't Belong' or The Pretty Reckless' 'Heaven Knows' in our latest Cage Match.

Extreme O.D. (who we plan on reviewing soon!) are featured on the latest Terrorizer magazine cover CD. Congrats to the band. Check out the latest Terrorizer magazine and CD in a newsagent near you NOW.

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Extreme O.D.

Make sure you pick up the latest copy of Terrorizer featuring our track 'Contaminate' on the cover CD!!