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About Noman
  • ;;;I Thank ALLAH FOr;;;Everything He ;;;;Has Given Me,;;

    Hey there :)

    I LOVE meeting new peOple. I'm pretty OutgOing, & a really nice persOn. I'm pretty laid back. I always try tO see the gOod in everyOne, & everything that happens.

    Even thOugh I am really nice, I dOn't take crap frOm anyOne, Or let anyOne walk all Over me.

    I ask myself a lOt what's my purpOse in life..I guess we're all here tO make memOries & tO have fun & just be happy. What mOre cOuld we ask fOr?

    I care tOo much abOut Others rather than myself. PeOple say I need tO stOp that haha. I can't help it thOugh.

    I hate seeing peOple sad, & I dO my best tO cheer tO anyOne whO is, up. I'm pretty gOod at that. I'm alsO gOod at making peOple fOrget abOut things.

    I can see thrOugh liars & fake peOple SO easily.

    PersOnally I rather live with girlz than guyz. They're much easier tO deal with haha. Its true thOugh, they are.

    I'm nOt a jealOus persOn at all. That's what I find weird abOut myself. I just dOn't get jealOus. I dOn't like peOple that are jealOus all the time.

    I have nO idea what I want tO dO with my life. I have ideas but I'm just nOt 100% sure.

    If I get tOo quiet Or sOmething its because I'm either thinking tOo hard abOut sOmething, Or I've just having a majOr migraine.

    I want tO change the wOrld in sOme way. I dOn't knOw hOw, & I dOn't knOw when, but I knOw that I will.

    Talk tO me! :)
Favorite Quotes
  • "YOu ever lOok a picture Of yOurself, and see a stranger in the backgrOund? It makes yOu wOnder hOw many strangers have pictures Of yOu. HOw many mOments Of Other peOples life have we been in. Were we a part Of sOmeOne's life when their dream came true Or were we there when their dream died. Did we keep trying tO get in? As if we were sOmehOw destined tO be there Or did the shOt take us by surprise. Just think, yOu cOuld be a big part Of sOmeOne elses life, and nOt even knOw it."

    "He whO stands apart Of turns his face
    Deserves nO place in the human race.
    In the midst Of a crOwn alOne he stands;
    Even tO clap requires twO hands"

    "If sOmething there be which thOu knOwest nOt,
    Ask it Of him whO that knOwledge hath gOt;
    If thOu ask it nOt because Of thy pride,
    ThOu chasteneth thyself, and scOrnest beside"

    "Learning is knOwledge acquired in small pOrtiOns,
    As drOps make the rivers that flOw tO the Oceans"

    "Once a man is knOwn tO lie and deceive,
    ThOugh he tell the truth, nO One will believe"

    "TO call that man a Man wOuld be a sin,
    WhO is a man withOut but a beast within"