I have never had a truly professional job. I've never been on the other side of the interview process, and I've (thankfully!) never had a boss. From a very young age - long before I knew what the
Ten ways you can learn and build confidence, so you can operate from a place of power in the workplace.
Top corporate executives in America get paid more than CEOs anywhere else in the world. Using data from FindTheCompany, here are the 15 highest paid CEOs.

The Scariest Halloween Costume for Designers and Developers

It's easy to say "I could have done that" when you see the success of an app like Instagram or Twitter. But most of us don't act on our "ingenious" business ideas simply because it's freaking hard....
When talking about Wordpress, staying up to date with the latest things is a must. This rule applies when talking about Wordpress plugins too, considering the large number of new plugins that are launched on a weekly basis. The most interesting ones that I've seen released in the last weeks are here
Righthaven waits for content to go viral, then buys the rights to it and sues everyone in sight.

My new website won The Ripley Award for Visual and Creative Website Design Excellence!!

Website awards may be given to websites submitted to Website Launchpad. Submit your website for a chance to win one of 4 web awards including the Spock Award, The Ripley Award, The Gort Award and the Kirk Award.

I'd like to thank everyone who added me. Thank you very much!

My latest PRINT work

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Finally Facebook made it easy for Facebook Pages owners to interact with its visitors. Ole!

Free Futuristic Fonts – Breathing of Tomorrow -

Hi all! My company used to be called Night Sky Project. But I am changing it. I decided to make it more personal rather than corporate. I want to seem more approachable. My new website will be Follow me on Twitter: ! See you there! =)