A message from NOOR re: the GPU nasheed contest!
'All for you' from the bay area performance on 10/7/13
Saturday, Muneer had the opportunity to skip down to the Syria Benefit Concert held locally. Mashallah! I was impressed with the talent and passion these artists had! This is from Wasfi Maasarani

Bassem Rashidi of Noor released a new Music video!
It's Friday! Let us all together make salawat (Send peace and Blessings) on our beloved prophet (pbuh) 'Rabbi Salli' Music Watch it, love it, share it. God Bless!

Get it now from your favorite online music store: iTunes Amazon mp3: Google Play: http://www...

Bassem Rashidi of Noor is going to release his new Music Video for Rabbi Salli (Send Blessings) from his new album this Friday. Please subscribe to his youtube channel so you don't miss it!…

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Bassem Rashidi

His face was like a moon
On the brightest night of the year
(Ya Rabbi Salli Alaih)
New music video coming to your screens this Friday inshallah. Your salawaat on the prophet (pbuh) will never be the same


Bassem Rashidi of Noor Released his first solo album. You are going to love it! Available at your favorite online music stores!
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Food for thought, if we can withhold ourselves and abstain from food and water, things that we MUST have and necessary for our survival, then how about those things that we shouldn't do? We surely have the will and power. #Ramadan #Wisdom #GodisGreat

“It is never too late to be what you might have been.”
George Eliot

Noor band member Bassem Rashidi releases a beautiful music video! Like it, comment, and share it. Enjoy

This song address all the "pharaohs" of our time!

هذه الاغنية تحدث كل فراعنة عصرنا

From one of our favorite fans. Thank you LouLou Moussa!

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Eid Mubarak everyone. We ask that the bestower of Noor Noorifies this blessed day.

Don't forget to put "Noor/Light" in the rest of your week by reading this blessed surah today. Have a #BlessedFriday

The Noble Qur'an in many languages in an easy-to-use interface.

How many times do you "Bow Down" a day?

A New Day Begins - Track 5

Bassem and Muneer returned from a 2 day camp near Big Bear Lake today. We took 12 high school boys to show them a good time, explore the outdoors without cellphones and internet, give a few pep talks about life, the value of time, how to setup a tent and the basics of camp survival. It was a very gratifying experience and great to retreat from the hustle and bustle of society as our Prophet used to practice.

My prayers, my breath,
My life and my death
Are All for You!

Noor "ALL FOR YOU" -- Official Music Video Album: " All for You" Video

Bassem Rashidi and @Muneer Adhami of Noor "Hmm, what song should we sing next?" Happy Wednesday everyone!

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Do you believe that after hardship there is ease?

NOOR is proud to release the video clip for I BELIEVE from the 'A New Day Begins' album. I believe, after hardship there is ease I believe, after war there i...
Noor updated their cover photo.
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Eid Mubarak Everyone!

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