Will be selling copies of No Pasaran for a small price at the London Anarchist bookfair next weekend.

No Pasaran has had 10,000+ views and 550+ likes! Wow.

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Page reached 450 likes! Thank for support! If you'd like to screen this film in your own country, city, event or venue. Send a PM/Message here. Thanks

Wow, the page has now reached 400 like! Thanks for all support.

Film still was used in upcoming event in memory of Torsten Lamprecht (1969-1992). R.I.P Torsten Lamprecht !

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Magdeburg Nazifrei

In Gedenken an Torsten Lamprecht findet am 11. Mai 2014 um 17 Uhr auf dem Neustädter Friedhof eine Kranzniederlegung statt. Torsten wurde vor 22 Jahren bei einem Überfall von 60 Faschisten auf eine Geburtstagsfeier an den Magdeburger Elbterassen ermordet.

30 Dvd's were sold with donations at 0161 Festival!

Film posters and Dvd's are being prepared to be sold at 0161 Festival

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Only 4 weeks away!

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0161 Festival


TICKETS are still available from the following places in persons so make sure go down and get them! - Rockers England

Leeds - Jumbo Records

Madrid - Potential Hardcore

Bilbao - Trojan Tattoos

Dublin - Casa Rebelde

and online here ...

ACCOMMODATION so we have had a lot of people saying they have had some trouble with finding somewhere to stay and that nowhere cheap is near the venue. We are compiling a list of the best places we can find to stay and will make sure we publish it in the next couple of days, places that may seem far away, or in south Manchester or Salford, are still extremely easy to get to the venue and there are many night buses so you do not have to worry about getting home and stuff like that.

DIRECTIONS to the venue are extremely simple from the Manchester city centre, we have directions in French / German / Spanish / Basque / Russian so if you need any help just drop us a line and we will more than happily help you out.

Amended flyer below, please spread the word. Make sure you get down to see all the bands.

0161 Festival Compilaton :

Event page :


/// 0161 Festival ///

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Evviva! Finalmente abbiamo superato 5.000 opinioni su Vimeo! E 2.000 viste su Youtube!

Yay! We finally passed 5.000 opinions on Vimeo! And 2.000 views on Youtube!

Hurra! Schließlich haben wir bestanden 5.000 views auf Vimeo! Und 2.000 views auf Youtube

Hurrah! We finally passed 5,000 views on Vimeo! and 2,000 views on Youtube!

No Pasaran updated their cover photo.
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No Pasaran to be screened at 0161 Festival Manchester on Saturday the 3rd of May at 6pm/18:00.
No Pasaran, die gezeigt werden auf 0161 Festival Manchester am Samstag, dem 3. Mai um 18:00 Uhr.

We've nearly reached 5,000 views in under 5 months since 'No Pasaran' initial release!

Thanks for everybody's support and help so far! Please remember to share the film and page to your friends and elsewhere!

Film link:-

Magdeburg is a city in the east of Germany: there is disruption created by an annual parade of fascists claiming to commemorate the casualties of an allied air strike…

No Pasaran scene Illustration/art work was used in recent German anti-fascist poster!

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Tomorrow November 30th - punk oi! concert, No Pasaran will be screened in CSOA ASKATASUNA (Torino), an occupied social centre [autonomy area]!

Saturday november 30th - punk oi! concert, No Pasaran will be screened in CSOA ASKATASUNA (Torino), an occupied social centre [autonomy area].