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Normal Bean & The Love Family are celebrating 420 on 4/20/18 at the Eugene Pot Club!
All are welcome 😊💚

"Spinaround" - Recorded Live at the New Years show 2018 - (Alice's Restaurant revisited concert)
George Walker Normal Bean and the Merry Band of Pranksters

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Normal Bean is with Karl Fredrick Anderson and 9 others.

"Spinaround" - Recorded Live at the New Years show 2018 - (Alice's Restaurant revisited concert)
George Walker Normal Bean and the Merry Band of Pranksters

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Normal Bean is with Heather Katherine and 24 others.

Coming this spring To The Half Moon Cafe LongBeach NY.
George Walker Normal Bean and The Merry Band of Pranksters With the new magic Farthur bus

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Normal Bean

Nature’s holiday with the longest night of the year! Here’s To new horizons and finding the wonder in the world. Blessings to all of you that have awakened wit...h a twinkle of Love in your minds Eye.
For those that Continue to struggle to find light we will hold a candle for you and light the pathway so you may join the real Dance of truth. The acceptance you seek is within you to find. Break the bonds of fear and release your inner child on to the playground. The World needs all of you. It’s time to heal those in need with laughter and Love.

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Colorado 9-11th

Join me in Denver for An Evening with Kevin Smith live Q&A show December 10 - 13. Tickets selling fast, get yours now!

Comedy Works | Denver, CO | December 10 - 13 | Click for tickets & information:
Normal Bean is with Max Millionz and 16 others at Eugene Pot Club.

Special gathering for Tour crew
Dec 7 @ the Eugene Pot Club 3825 River Rd Eugene Oregon 97404.
7:00 Private core 2018 Planing meeting and band party!
Invite only!

Alternative & Holistic Health ServiceEugene, OR
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Normal Bean
Most Days I try not to grow up!
Because Life’s worth living that way!
Why not Have fun and be yourself.
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Normal Bean is with Max Millionz and 10 others at Eugene Pot Club.

At This years Halloween show, about 3/4 in to the performance, I did a tribute to Fallen friend of mine and I started in on channeling this song, drawing from a... reoccurring dream that I had previously had before.
Standing there With the Full Moon Bright and the band tight, something Magical like happened. There were Those in the crowd that took notice and helped to create. Giving witness and Giving me reason to believe that I’m sure if there wasn’t, then, well, there is now. A mysterious, musical magical like casino looking heaven with a all star midnight Jam. Where the music never stops.
As the band locked in somewhere During the Sound The Energy got dreamy thick and lights appeared in the sky as the cameras stopped malfunctioning somehow? I began to rap from this story I had written down before. The chorus was “Casino in the sky”, but I didn’t get the dialog or music recorded. I think it was just meant to be created in not captured.

Here’s the dream story you can read, that I was drawing from.! it’s as near as I can remember. You know like the longer your awake, how it seems like the more you forget?.

“Casino in the sky”
(musical heaven for Artists and Musicians.)

I Awake in a dream in a limo, out front of a 1930 , casino
The musical heaven.??

All the stars are there. Have I died?
Walking up the stairs I meet a familiar girl. I Ask how I got here, passed over glances from others. I don't know why, but the Door man lets me in because of her. I follow, Others seem to know me as I see some I have jammed with some known or heard of.. some famous, & Others
nice, I thought to my self.. where is this? .. I hear music. Am I tripping? , swimming in illusion? Seems real.
Entering the foyer made of all marble, with black and white tiles and English oak as trim. A second set of doors opens wide to view. A casino like never seen before yet familiar everywhere you glance, as if friends await to greet you.
Looking around to the left the bar is a raised platform area. With a waiter area back behind to left of the bar. Shiny gold chrome-knobs, with swing doors next to the coat rack area, near the back, behind the bar, far to the left corner.
Looking Ahead of me the hall opens to the dance floor on left - and there’s pictures on the wall to the right. But Still ahead down the hall there were doors? bathrooms maybe? and to the left I saw stairs to balcony seats, rising above the dance floor.
I proceed up the stairs moving forward following the lady to the raised balcony.
I found myself In the balcony seated looking out across to the bar.
the kitchen is to the right of the bar. The staff is busy waiting on the crowd, there is a buzz in the atmosphere while the music never stops and laughter comes from all around.
As the intrepid traveler of the moment. I find my self here and now. I get a hint of A game of intrigue like cat and mouse, spewing forth from all around me. As if in some kind of James Bond novel where the guy is trying to take you out. And your about to save the day.
Glancing further around, The man, that I spy with the crumbled cigarette in the Room falls back down the stairs slightly intoxicated. While exclaiming something unintelligible from under his breath.
To the right another gentleman reaches his gloved hand out in a gesture motioning me to be seated in the balcony at a table next to him as if in greeting. The interaction with my lady friend and the well dressed gentleman begins, chatter from the crowd could be heard everywhere .
I began to look around, causally .. Seems like there's a Gunster like atmosphere.. odd charterers abounding, teaming with life and the place is so excitingly feels like a fight is about to break out with electric nerves pulsating on the back of your neck. yet looking around all you see is the obvious party, a hodgepodge of Wealthy well to do and the beautiful people alike, all rolled in to one joint.
Time seem to stand still. Then Out of the corner of my eye it looked as if time were changing, complete with the clothes shifting from advanced time eras then to old forgotten times... then when I looked directly it would appear as if in the present..what kind of time Travel is this? Stuck in a loop; the thought came to mind. some of the people would take notice, that you noticed the change, and then they would simply just smile and proceed back to whatever they were doing. Paying no attention to you as if you mattered not at all. Glimpsing closely, you become aware of where you look, like some form of tunnel vision, drawing in and out. Off in the distance you see the feel of glamor tucked away like some cat in the corner creeping from side to side, Visible yet allusive. Tall Waiters in tuxedos seem to go to and frow, yet hardly noticed. Then always appearing when you need them. I signal one to ask questions, I'm interrupted by the lady, as the gentleman orders my drink.
Intangible yet real, the drink is served to me. I look at the glass as I place it on the white table cloth. Gambling machines of all kinds with bright flashes, colored lights & bells, Noises from a far away place. Echoing as if calling me, beckoning from somewhere, Why your here is certainly unknown. Some lost forgotten episode of a 30’s cult detective feeling movie..
sensing that Some one was coming up the stairs I noticed as if I was being stocked by some unseen entity.
The bell man with red cap on, passes bye, then the cigarette lady with the tray of doobies lights a fat one for the gentlemen next to you. She hands you some boo. Bending towards you, She light it up. Looking at the silver GD zippo in her hand. Time slips, Next later On the balcony I escape to the bar area by jumping down to the dance floor among the natives.
Dancers all around, with swirling music of the Gypsy. And Colorful drawings of mystery's symbols that hide openly on the opaque floor. With old and young celebrity's mixed amongst the newest Stars.. the tune would start with some Joining the jamband each night, for a stellar all star spectacular jam..
suddenly, theres a hand on your shoulder. Softly the voice says, it's not your time? You must wait.
The girl appears and helps you down the hall and out the door safely. Others wave and say goodbye as you pass. Silly goodbyes from behind me echoing down the passageway. Will be seeing you! Come back.. Yes, Somehow I new I'd find my way back to that eternal midnight jam..
The limo arrives before me and picks me up. Then later.... much later... I awake in my bed.

((Theme; Grateful-dead, old mafia 30’s style detective look - twightlight zone episode with all dead iconic artists & musicians))

( I had this dream and thought it should be a book or story.. or maybe it was real? Or Maybe it really was the musical heaven? )

One thing is for sure, Jerry’s there!!

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World peace is possible. Here’s photos from the children in Africa. My friends and associate’s all over the World have joined hands in hopes to make a better li...fe for everyone. Not just us Hippies but regular common ordinary people. Yes, Normal everyday run of the mill folks just like you and me. And Through Love and understanding we can change the entire World. Forgetting religion and all things that separate us, We can find common goals by Achieving a good life for all. Together we have been working hard to develop programs that would self help Cultural understanding. The children show us the way. For inside of each and everyone of you is a child.
Let’s make the worlds ever growing Playground Safe for all. Let’s better the World for everyone to progress with clean air, water, food and community bonds that strengthen each tribe. Yes, I can’t wait to get to Africa and see all the kids! And play them some Magic Music!
Listen to this old Hippie, The Earth is Nature and we can regrow it. Understand that concept and we will live.

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Normal Bean

The real war against drugs: Tragic but I’m known for calling it as it is even against all odds. I do say Big pharmacy has targeted the female race with opioids.... Regardless even if it was for profit or otherwise the result is the decline in females overall health and welfare. Decrease of population through genetic and psychological control. Broken homes and overdoses have become second nature to US households. The common housewife has become the victim destabilizing home structure. The victim is lulled in to believing there doctor would do no harm then suddenly finds they have a habit like a common street drug addict. Steps must be taken to stop this destructive behavior that greed and control has created. The very life of mankind hangs in the balance as we decide the future. The victimization of America must stop. Write your politicians and help those victims recover. And Save the American Family! Mom apple pie and ⚾️

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