Coyote spotted at 29th and Columbine.
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There will be a bill on the November ballot: Voting yes means implementing a new building code that requires all buildings over 25,000 sqft to dedicate a portion of their roof to solar or gardens. Technical standards are put in place to ensure that roofs are being built properly .

-This bill will not raise taxes. It would put the cost on the builders and building owners.


-This only affects residential buildings over 4 stories. This will not raise rent. A buildings property value will increase with these additions and they make the building more energy efficient leading lower energy consumption not just in the building but also across the city.

-This affects large buildings across Denver but THERE ARE EXEMPTIONS. Section 10-304 (B)(1) states: “If an applicant is unable to provide the green roof coverage as required in this chapter, application may be made to the Denver Planning Board for either a complete exemption to the requirement to provide a green roof or to provide a smaller green roof area than would otherwise be required”.

-This does not affect the entire roof space, only a portion. That portion ranges from 20% to 60%. A building that’s 25,000 sqft must dedicate 20% and a building that is 200,000 sqft or more must dedicate 60%. So, if a commercial building is 25,000 sqft (5,000 sqft more than a standard Whole Foods) they would have to pay approximately $125,000 (Green Roofs cost an average of $25 per sqft) for these improvements AT THE TIME OF A NORMAL ROOF REPLACEMENT. Buildings do not have to do these upgrades immediately, only at the time of a normal roof replacement, which is about every 10 years.

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Come meet your neighbors and enjoy the kick otf weekend of Denver Days.

Sat 5:00 PM MDT2811 Harrison St, Denver, CO 80205, United States
9 people interested
Fri 5:30 PM MDTDenver Community ChurchDenver, CO
84 people interested
Jan 28, 2017 - Jan 29, 20173425 E 31st Ave, Denver, CO 80205-4903, United States
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Come chat with Boulder author, farmer and chef Eric Skokan. We will have wine, food and fun.

Please join us in welcoming Boulder chef, author and farmer, Eric Skokan to Denver. We will provide wine, food and even a sample from his cook book "Farm, Fork, Food" at 11:30 this Saturday, at Culture Garden Market 3833 Steele Street, Suite B. Hope to see you there!

Come join this public gathering which will include support of state legislation to define lawful order and protect targeted communities from Federal overreach as well as address local city issues such as overcrowding of Denver jails and challenging Chief White for the lack of community involvement in Use of Force policy.


Come meet this Boulder author, chef and farmer. We will have wine, snacks and even a tasting of food from the cookbook.

Sat 11:30 AM MSTCulture Garden MarketDenver, CO
8 people interested

If you are free on MLK day, please consider a day of service with your neighbors

Mon 1:00 PM MSTGroundwork DenverDenver, CO
38 people interested

Dance that nurtures mind, body and spirit, Nia. Join a Nia class Wednesdays at noon for fun and fitness.

Wed 12:00 PM MSTCulture Garden MarketDenver, CO
16 people interested

Come join us to learn about pollinators and how we can help keep them around. Presented by the Butterfly Pavilion.

Sat 1:00 PM MSTCulture Garden MarketDenver, CO
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Come share the bounty of many harvests

Sun 1:00 PM MDTFranks Food MartDenver, CO
31 people interested

Come to our harvest share, even if you come empty handed you won't leave that way Denver Food Rescue is donating veggies to make sure everyone has produce to take home

Sat 11:00 AM MDTCulture Garden MarketDenver, CO
21 people interested

Today, Sunday 1 - 3 at the Culture Garden Market. 3833 N. Steele Street. In the warehouses behind the Denver Human Services building on Steele St. Bring your harvest to share or just come to mingle. Denver Food Rescue is providing plenty of produce to share

Sun 1:00 PM MDTCulture Garden MarketDenver, CO
67 people interested

Come join us next week to have fun with meal prep and check out a great local grocery store that delivers produce baskets to our neighborhood

Wed 5:30 PM MDTMountain Fresh MarketDenver, CO
19 people interested

Please join us for our neighborhood meeting tonight 6:30pm - 8:00pm. We will be enjoying Gold Star sausages and conversation. We will be meeting at the Barrett Urban Garden, next to the community garden at 29th and Richard Allen Court. Hope to see you there