***WARNING - This video is somewhat medically graphic - not for weak stomachs! *** This is a video of Dr. Brumfield performing surgery to remove heartworms from the vena cava / heart of a badly infected dog. He was suffering from caval syndrome - end-stage heartworm disease where dozens of worms clog up the vessels, preventing blood flow and leading to fatal heart disease. Dr. Brumfield successfully removed 50 heartworms from this dog and the pup is now active, breathing better and feeling 100% improved! He still needs to go through injectable heartworm treatment to completely cure him, but first he must recover from being near-death on presentation and from such a major surgery. In the video below, the dog's head is to the top of the screen, the drape is surrounding a small incision over the right jugular vein and Dr. Brumfield is using a special instrument he invented that acts as a "bottle brush" when twisted to catch the worms and remove them.
FHO, 10 days post surgery
Here is Praada today, less than 24 hours out from surgery. She is eating food with vigor and vim, and as you can see, is feeling quite well today!

Please share! Sago and coontie palms are both highly toxic and often fatal to dogs.

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The Animal Hospital and Pet Resort at Southwood

The Coontie Palm (Zamia floridana) is the only native cycad palm in North America and is a close relative of the larger Sago Palm. It is also a deadly plant and... it only takes a small amount (two seeds) to make your dog ill, and just four seeds can be fatal. The poisonous substance in the coontie palm are Beta-methylamino-alanine (BMAA), which is a neurotoxin that damages the central nervous system; and cycasin, which causes gastrointestinal problems and failure of the liver, which can lead to death.
This plant is found throughout Tallahassee, used in many areas by the city for landscaping purposes.

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