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Welcome To Rockville Central on Facebook!

This morning, we began publication of Rockville Central completely on Facebook. This is a move that some have been excited to see, and that some have been dismayed by. We are hopeful, as we move forward, that people will see the merit in moving this community hub from a standalone blog into Facebook.


Why did we make this move? Becuase, when it comes to online, Facebook is the primary place you find the kinds of interactions that make a vibrant community. Rockville Central was never meant to be a "news site" that people go to in order to get information, but a community site where people talk over the important issues facing our community. We think that this happens in a more easy environment here on Facebook.


Rather than debate whether the move is good or not, here is our invitation (and request) of you, our fellow community members:


Get involved in the conversation. Add ideas. Comment on ideas. Share ideas. Agree. Disagree. Let's see how it goes, and see what emerges.


Our hope is that, after a bit of time passes and people get used to things, that Rockville Central will become a space that people dip into in order to take part in the community and raise their voice. It won't be any one thing -- but the sum total of all of our interactions.


Welcome to your space. We hope you find it useful.


By Brad Rourke