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New Feature: Post achievements to Facebook

I've introduced a new feature that lets you post a note to the Facebook newsfeed when you advance to a new rank. Ranks were introduced a few days ago and they are basically names for level ranges inspired by the original D&D Basic and Expert set. These names didn't have any specific impact on the game other than to provide a splash of color to XP levels. When you advance to the next rank the game will ask if you would like to post your achievement to Facebook. If you are not already logged into Facebook, a window will pop up giving you the opportunity to do so.


IMPORTANT NOTE: This feature only works from MaidMarian.com. Facebook only allows one URL so this feature is disabled when played from SherwoodDungeon.com. If you press <Play Game> at SherwoodDungeon.com, you are now linked to MaidMarian.com automatically. Also on some browsers, like Firefox, you will need to disable pop up blockers for our site to allow the Facebook login window to appear