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Funny Acronyms and Abbreviations

I do not own this note, I just copied it from another site, here is the link:






AMC -All Makes Combined   or  A Major Cost


ARMY-Ain't a Real Marine Yet


ATM-Another Technical Mistake


BEER - Bothersome Employer Elimination


BIBLE- Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth


BING - But It's Not Google


BITCH - Babe In Total Control of Herse


BMW - Bring My Wheelchair


BOOK- Brainy Object Of Knowledge


BOY- Budding-Out Youth


BUICK -Big Ugly Import Car Killer


CHEVY -Cheapest Heap Ever Visioned Yet  or  Can Hear Every Valve Yell


CHINA - Come Home I Need Affection


CRASH- Car Raced And Slammed Here


CRIME- Chaos Resulting In Murder, Etc.


CRST - Can't Read Simple Text


DIARY - Darling I Always Remember You


DIGBY - Did I Go Broke Yet


DOG- Dutifully on Guard


DOS-Defunct Operating System


DRS - Dirty Rotten Scoundrel


GOZO- God's Own Zone, Obviously


GRITS- Girls Raised In The South


GUITAR- Greatly Used Instrument That Adds Rhythm


GULP- Guttural  Utterance Loosely Proclaimed


IBM-I Blame Microsoft


LOVE - Loss Of Valuable Energy or Lots of Vibrant Energy


MAN- Muscle-Activated Notion


MATH- Mind Aching Trouble Homework


MBA-Mediocre But Arrogant


MBBS - Married But Beautiful Sight


MCT - Mexican Chicken Trucks


NASCAR - Non Athletic Sport Centered Around Rednecks


NURSE- Noted Under Registered Service Employees


ONE- Only Non-divisible Everything


PhD-Piled High and Deep


POLICE- Public Officers Lawfully Influencing Crime Expansion


RUG- Roughly Underfoot Groundsheet


SCULPTURE- Stone, Clay Used Laboriously Primarily To Unfold Realistic Expression


SHAFT - Special Help After Forced Term…


SHIT - Special High Intensity Training


SIGN- Sure Indicator Generally Noticed


SING- Silence Is Now Gone


STAIRS- Steps to Access Inevitably Raised Structures


SWIFT - Slow Wagon In Fast Traffic


WWW-World Wide Wait


YAHOO- Yields Answers Hot on Order