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How to Make a Ganesh Murti

How to Make a Ganesh Murti ---:


Ganesh is a Hindu god with the head of an elephant and the body of a man. Also called Ganapati or Lord Ganesha, Ganesh is believed to be a god of good favor associated with good luck, removing obstacles and favorable beginnings for any new activity or business venture. Ganesh is found in many Hindu homes and businesses as well as in Hindu temples. Not just a religious figure, Ganesh is also a cultural phenomenon. Ganesh Murti is a particular version of a cross-legged, sitting Ganesh sculpture. The Ganesh Murti is often made prior to Ganesh Charturi, the Hindu celebration of Ganesh's birthday.


Instructions ---:


 1. Separate your model clay or play dough into sections. These pieces will represent Ganesh's body, legs, head, teeth, eyes, ears, headdress, snake and trunk.


2. Create 10 to 15 balls of clay or play dough of various sizes. Make balls the size of green peas for his eyes and teeth. Create golfball-sized balls for his legs, snake, headdress, body.


3. Make a horseshoe shape out of a medium-sized ball. Place another round ball on top of the horseshoe. The ends of the horseshoe can be formed into feet. This will be the crossed legs and body of the Ganesh.


4. Take another golf ball-sized piece of clay and begin to make the head. Take some extra play dough and fashion the ears, eyes and headdress.


5. Create the trunk of the Ganesh using the model as a reference, and add it to the head. Attach the head to the body and smooth everything together.


6. Decorate the Ganesh Murti using the glitter glue. Add dots and designs, particularly on the headdress.