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IPOD Useage

Each year, we get questions about the "RULE" on IPods.  Like most races, here is our official answer...                               

NO. NO. NO.  Parts of our course are open to vehicular traffic. Using devices like an iPod, MP3, walkman or headphones during the race is not only a safety issue but also an issue of politeness. When wearing an electronic device like these, it is hard, if not impossible, to hear other participants as they approach or volunteers/police as they try to give you vital information.


If you are an elite athlete, then you know the rules and it is considered getting assistance.  So if you are planning on racing for $$$, then don't do it...use of those devices will disqualify you.  

Now here is reality...


We know people are going to use them despite the rules.  If you must, then use them with caution.  Please promise to not get jiggy with it, run into oncoming traffic while getting your groove on, and please take your earbuds out when you come to aid stations.  Depending on the conditions, volunteers at the aid stations may have information they need to pass on to you.  AND DEFINITELY - remove them when you are coming into the finish line.  You can't image how difficult it is trying to tell a finisher where he or she gets their medal when they are in the throws of  Skynyrd's "Free Bird".

    For more information go to the FAQs page at www.littlerockmarathon.com.