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Our Favorites in 2012

We shared the most popular articles, now here's our personal favorites. Each editor chose three pieces from among their own essays in 2012.


Science Fiction Editor Emeritus James Schellenberg:


The Hyper Advanced Weapon-like Entity on the Mantle.


Watership Vortex:


The Trouble With Endings 2: The Re-Conclusioning:



Comics Editor Carol Borden:


Nothing Ape Is Strange To Me


The Specter of Frankenstein


Maurice Sendak and The Strange Wild Things of My Childhood



Romance Edtior Chris Szego:


1. How Does Your Garden Grow?


2. Grumpy McCarpsalot


3. The Measure of Success



Screen Editor alex MacFadyen:


On The Value Of Frightening Small Children


Karma Borrowed My Fist: Ayn Rand, Earl Hickey and the Law of Attraction


Murder and Intuition: Overlooking the Corpses in the Shrubbery