Mentor’s Monday
Shannon Wallace Jr·Monday, April 11, 2016
Mondays are normally the start of the work week for many. We sometimes need that "motivation" to get going for the week. Just for a moment I want everyone to think of a "mentor" they have had in their life. Someone that has changed your life for the better because you met them. This could be a family member, friend, coach, teacher, community leader, co worker, paid mentorship, boss at work, enemy, or just a complete stranger. What do all these people have in common? They all can impact your life based on where you are. Sometimes we do not realize how much of a mentor someone has been to us until they are no longer around. At other times something has to happen in our life for us to say, "I guess that is what they meant or why they were that way." I believe there is no better place to start with motivation than that of a place of gratitude. Our mentors come at different times in our lives and sometimes it seems they may have more impact than another. That may be true, but most of the time they just impact us from where we are at the time. Each mentor we have prepares us for the next one to arrive by building a bridge of continuous improvement. Let us start this week by giving thanks for the mentors in our life, past and present. I know I will. #mentormonday #gratitudemonday #manymentors #successfulmindset #fortemintegrative #shannonwallacejr