Condemn the right-wing and White Supremacist groups, and the Trump Administration for the terror in Charlottesville, Virginia!
The League of Filipino Students at San Francisco State University calls on all democratic forces to form the broadest united front against fascism and white supremacy, and US Imperialism which created the conditions for its rise.
At the time of Donald Trump’s electoral campaign, the global crisis created by US imperialism was felt within the United States and among its people in the form of an economic crisis of its own: it has seen the increasing inaccessibility of basic services such as healthcare, education, the slowing of the growth of wages alongside the rise of costs of living. Jobs for the American worker are rapidly becoming scarce.
With the worsening of the economic conditions in the US comes the anger of its people based on their need to continue surviving as basic goods services rapidly become inaccessible to more and more. To the people of America, it is becoming more clear who their government serves: as exemplified in the bailout of the banks amid the 2008 financial meltdown. A government wishing to continue to serve the interests of the Monopoly Capitalists while not wanting to concede to the rightful demands of the people turns to a dictatorial reign of terror: fascism.
This fascist ideology had garnered support from the right-wing and White Supremacists who have become emboldened through Donald Trump’s campaign, since both the right-wing and White Supremacist groups and the Trump administration’s goals align.
Donald Trump had built his campaign around promises to bring jobs back to the American through the means of deporting millions and enforcing more repressive policies. Trump has advocated for the increased militarization of marginalized communities, and has called numerous times for the building of a wall to “keep immigrants out”. This rhetoric was met with the broad support and endorsement of various right-wing and White Supremacist groups and individuals.
US Imperialism had created the crisis in the Global South either through direct intervention or Neoliberal policies, establishing the conditions for these countries’ working classes to migrate in search for better work; and the crisis in the Middle East where the US Imperialists have been waging war to secure valuable resources such as oil from which we have seen the exodus of millions more fleeing war in these countries. Currently, US-led war in Syria, Afghanistan, and US-led coalitions continue to bomb these countries’ civilian populations, infrastructure, and homes, forcing millions at a time to flee.
It is completely illogical for Donald Trump and his administration to place the blame of the economic crisis on the backs of immigrants when their situation was created by the United States ruling class in the first place. Economic conditions in the US are not the immigrants’ fault – it is the fault of the Monopoly Capitalists, or the Imperialists, whose primary interests are to create profits through the aforementioned means. The Trump administration is wrong for placing the blame on immigrants, and must be held accountable for spreading this misinformation and terror enforced by the right-wing and White Supremacist group.
In order to end fascism and White Supremacy, we must remove all conditions that allow for its survival which US Imperialism is at the root of.
This can only be achieved by the broadest anti-fascist, and anti-imperialist unity of all progressive and democratic forces. We must be united in the understanding of the roots of fascism and White Supremacy in Imperialism, and challenge ourselves to thoroughly study society to better deepen this understanding.
The League of Filipino Students calls on various progressive, anti-fascist, and democratic groups, organizations, and individuals to build relationships with one another, extend our calls into our own communities, and expose and condemn the Trump Administration and the system for creating, enabling, and aligning with these fascist groups in the first place.