I wanted to share Dave Ramsey’s other quote “ You can’t be in debt and win. It doesn’t work.” But, it didn’t fit and I didn’t feel like re-creating it.
I saw a kitchen table today that was UBER affordable and fairly attractive from what I can see in the photo.
It’s still sitting in my cart because Travis and I have decided we’re DONE with debt.
And, I don’t have the cash to pay for it so... “Bye bye, table. Table, bye bye.” (It’s a Sesame Street thing. Don’t worry about it.)
On Sunday, Pastor Ron reminded us that when the Israelites first escaped Pharoah, God provided everything. When they were hungry, He provided manna. When they were tired of manna, He provided quail. When they were thirsty, He provided water. When they were hot, He provided a cloud. When they were cold, He provided fire.
But, when they entered the promised land, it all stopped. They had to work for their food, build their own fire, and find their own water.
[Listen to the entire sermon here.]
Rani John of Spring In The Desert says this:
He sends us His mercy knowing that we need it the most in our wilderness. But remember that, manna is for a season. The provision that God gives you for Canaan is totally different. Don’t be satisfied and comfortable with what you received so far. God has plans of moving you to Canaan. The challenges you need to face there is different. For that you need something new. And for that reason, manna need to be stopped. Do not question God’s provision when you see that manna is stopped. He has already planned and prepared for you in the land of Canaan. Remember God stopped manna the day after they ate the food of Canaan. So please do not panic when God’s dealing with you changes…Its not because His hands fall short to help you…but its because His hands plan something greater for you….To face the challenges and victories of Canaan, the manna need to be stopped.
[Read the entire blog post here.]
Manna, we miss you! But, Canaan, we prayed for you! You were promised to us and we’ve dreamed of reaching your doorstep! We’re not going to let complacency, distractions or fear keep us from going where our Creator has predestined us to go.
We celebrate this $200 bill and leaving that kitchen table in the cart because it’s a step in the right direction.
Stay tuned for bigger, better celebrations & eventually complete debt elimination!
And, if you’re in the fight with us, leave me a comment!