The End of the Boston Siege (April 19,1775-March 17, 1776)
While it may be St. Patrick’s day, it is also the end of the Boston Siege during the American Revolution. On this day 241 years ago. The British withdrew to their stronghold in Halifax, Nova Scotia. It is called Evacuation Day in Canada. The siege has begun after the Battles of Lexington and Concord on April 19, 1775, when the surrounding militia from Massachusetts had blocked British land access to Boston. From this incident the Continental Congress formed the Continental Army and appointed George Washington as Commander in Chief in June 1775. The Continental Army would be tested with the subsequent battles of Bunker and Breeds hill in the summer of 1775 that prevented the British from breaking the Continental Army’s hold on land access to Boston. However, the British under the direction of William Howe managed to maintain a siege on Boston. The British withdrew only after Henry Knox under the order of George Washington had fortified the Dorchester Heights with cannon and artillery in January 1776. Seeing that their position was indefensible the British withdrew on March 17, 1776.