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BMCC Tribeca PAC Removes ALL 913 Theater Seats to Make Room for the New

Visit our 913-seat Theater 1 and you’ll feel as if you’ve stumbled across a Greek amphitheater of yore−centuries before the proliferation of Playbills, uniform aisles and plush seating. The seats in both the orchestra and mezzanine have been completely uprooted, leaving the theater’s bare, black floor exposed. Workers and curious Tribeca PAC staff members are free to roam through yards of open space both on- and off-stage−a truly unique scenario for visitors to the formal Proscenium House setting.

The de-installed seats had been in use since BMCC Tribeca PAC opened their doors in 1983. Now, just over a quarter century later, BMCC Tribeca PAC will usher in another exciting season (and excited class of freshmen!) with updated seating to match a maturing institution. Last week, the installation crew began toiling away in preparation for the Theater 1’s inaugural event: Freshman Orientation on August 4th.

Theater 1 will also be home to the Family and Schooltime programs along with our special events including the St. Petersburg State Ballet Repertoire Theater. Once completed, the barren auditorium will contain barrier-free seating in both the orchestra and mezzanine, complete with adjustable arm rests in compliance with all ADA requirements. The red, Hussey-Quattro seats were provided by the Nickerson Corporation and will complement the new lighting system installed in January.

BMCC Tribeca Performing Arts Center looks forward to launching our season in this refurbished, modern space. Until then, be sure to catch a glimpse of the theater as you’ve never seen it before and may never see it again!

Krista N. Saunders, Publicity Associate, BMCC Tribeca Performing Arts Center
Eli Abdallah, Marketing Director, BMCC Tribeca Performing Arts Center

Phone: (212) 220 – 1459 Email: ksaunders@bmcc.cuny.edu