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siwon girlfriend-story,...

Many people wonder, what is his type?... As we know, that Choi Si Won is rich, very handsome, have good character, gentleman, a devout Christian... people may assume the woman for him, must be perfect one. Very beautiful to make the photo balance ( ^^.. Siwon and his future wife), have a good family, maybe in financial or something like the parentage...(is it right word to express ?? **sorry my english is not fluent yet** ), have many qualified skills, etc..


I try to collect about his fact.

Here they are :

Choi Si Won's woman type :

a Christian girl with wavy hair, and she has clear eyes (maybe ... eyes that express a sincere heart i think)


I never have article when Siwon says, she must beautiful in outlook appearance or face.


When i saw youtube video when it was show called "Super Summer", we can see that Siwon is a straightforward and in the same time he is gentle and sincere. First question he asked to the girl is ..."May i know your religion is? "


Conclusion 1 : Her belief must be no. 1 Siwon's consideration. So if he find that the girl is not christian, at the same time he will stop for next level, just as a friend. Siwon is very straightforward. Even for the 1st time of date that was arranged in show,he asked this question.

Siwon : Then..although it is a little rude to ask this during our first meeting...May i know what is your religion is?

Girl : I'm a Christian

Siwon : A Christian

*looks like he free of worry now to further conversation

then he started to shake hand with the girl

That's first common interest , Siwon must thought this.*

Girl : My father is a pastor

Siwon : Ah! A Pastor?

*Siwon surprised with a big smile, even he covered his mouth by two hands after hear this*

Girl : I have a question. What is your ideal type of girl?

Siwon : Firstly she has to be a Christian *Look at how Siwon said this,his expression and his voice, Siwon said this explicity, it means Choi Siwon do really concern of this *

Must treats my parents well. Also treats her parents well. If we get married in future, and if i have a busy schedule, will be understanding.

Girl : yes, will be understanding


Conclusion 2 : Siwon respects parents so much. And he wants his future wife also do the same.


Conclusion 3 : Siwon hope that girl is understand him. His activities. To prevent debate about their date time .


Siwon : Must be quite tall

Girl : Ah really? What is your height?

Siwon : I am 183cm. Because my mother's height is also taller than average.

Girl : Me too, my mother was a basketball player


Conclusion 4 : For height balance Siwon hopes his future wife, the woman can balance his height.


Siwon : We can not be too mindful of appearances when it comes to love...Inner beauty is more important

Girl : I also feel the same. Appearance is not important

Siwon : If you pay too much attention to appearance, you will not be able to see what is inside

Girl : Although it would be the best if both appearance and the inside is beautiful. But thats really difficult..


Conclusion 5 : Inner beauty not fake but the sincere that Choi Si Won think that it can be seen from her eyes.


Ok guys, those conclusions is my thought ^^. But also we hope all the best happened in Choi Si Won's life. He always thinking in positive ways, as he ever said this on Arirang monologue with Choi Si Won. Hope Siwon will find his woman. And i believe God will help him and guide him to Siwon's soulmate that given from God. Amen ^^