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"He Looks Cooler in Black: The Case for LeBron" Set For Release



FEBRUARY 17, 2010       


“If you could make all the money in the world, pick your coworkers and the city you live in without breaking any rules, you create the position you want at your company; you’d do it too.” 


         “He Looks Cooler in Black: The Case for LeBron” to be released on March 1st


(Lakewood, OH) Adam Muskiewicz is a life long Cavaliers fan that has believed from day one that LeBron James made the right decision to leave Cleveland and take his talents south to Miami.


In an area that is full of disdain towards James for leaving, while at the same time leaving their favorite basketball team in shambles (you need to look no further than their current record and historic losing streak to see that), Muskiewicz thinks the right choice was made.


“It’s a less appreciated point of view, but it’s a discussion that needs to be had” say Muskiewicz about the book. “It’s a fun read and I look forward to hearing the discussions about it. If you don’t buy and read it yourself, you will be behind the discussion.”


The E-Book itself is styled as Muskiewicz puts it “a children’s book for adults”.  It is not going to bore you with pages and pages of mindless banter. It is straight forward, to the point, and filled with fun artwork.


“It’s not just about LeBron,” Muskiewicz says, “it’s about capitalism, politics, the sports business, and the American dream in general”.


 The release date for “He Looks Cooler in Black: The Case for LeBron” electronically is March 1, 2011 via the website www.thecaseforlebron.com which will be launched at the same time.


Issues Covered:

-         He Looks Cooler in Black

-         You’d Do It Too

-         Why Should He Wait for Management

-         Mike Brown Sucks

-         Ferry’s Moves

-         Gilbert Putting 100 Million in a 25 Year Old Kid

-         Cleveland DOES Suck

-         Unchecked Paternal Neurosis (Daddy Issues)

-         Disneyland Clause

-         The Brakes



Adam is available for interviews.


For media inquiries and additional information please contact Izzy at Izzy Presley Productions: (p) 651-285-1830 (e) izzy@izzypresleyproductions.com



Adam Muskiewicz is a writer, actor and filmmaker that works hard to entertain and inspire. With limited resources, he has developed many conceptual films and books. He is still seeking to produce his first dramatic feature film, a project entitled “Spite.”


His most noted project is the documentary “The Truth About Elvis” which looks at both sides of the conspiracy surrounding the death of Elvis Presley.  He worked with Warren Zide (“American Pie”, “Final Destination”) and Dan Bliss (Ceo/Founder of PerfectBusiness.com) on the film which is in post production and will be released world wide.


He has gained experience working on various projects in and around his hometown of Cleveland, Ohio. His most recent projects include an artistic piece called “Weirdo,” a documentary entitled “5 G’s in 30 Days” and a supporting role in the independent film “Hero Tomorrow.”


Adam has also written the books “You’re Probably a Bad Person if”, “101 Reasons why Christmas Gets on my Nerves”, “The Snuggle Sutra”, and “Why do People Put The Couch to the Road With No Cushions?” along with a musical comedic script called “Cock Tales” that is a male version of “The Vagina Monologues”.