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Win $15 and $10 iTunes Gift Cards from Air Monkey - Cool Flash Games to iOS !

Join our contest and grab a chance to win iTunes Gift Cards

$15 - 1 winner

$10 - 3 winners

Only by Tweeting About Our App, example:


Air Monkey by @NationLocDev - Cool Flash Game to iOS #iphone #ipad #game ! Check it out on App Store

You can create your own text on your Tweet, no need to be the same as above.

Just the important thing is to mention Air Monkey iphone game. 



What you need to do:


1. Send email to to register your name & Twitter account, you will get confirmation email from us.

2. Follow @NationLocDev on Twitter

3. Start tweet-ing our text for a week !


We'll select winners on random, but the more you tweet, the bigger chance to get the prize !!

Anybody can join this contest, just follow the above 3 steps.



Number of follower in Twitter account doesn't matter. Just tweet and have fun with us !


We will post the contestant list and winners on forum, facebook fan page and announce in our Twitter account. 

Contest end at : June 22, 2011


Air MonkeyAir Monkey