Coronado Neighborhood Association supports Oak Street improvements
The City of Phoenix is redesigning Oak Street from 3rd Street to the 51, with construction planned for mid-2019. Coronado is a very wide street with no current paint markings, which leads to extremely fast rates of speed for cars. This type of speeding discourages pedestrian and bicycle activities along Oak through Coronado. The City would like to change this speeding condition because Oak is identified as a major thoroughfare in their Bicycle Master Plan. The City presented their preferred design alternatives at an open house back in February. The event was well attended by residents. After the open house a group of residents got together to create tweaks to the City’s design which they think would enhance the project and enhance Coronado generally, into a more walk able, bicycle friendly neighborhood.
The neighborhood created design alternative to the city’s versions includes the following tweaks (see aerial concept design):
1. Chicanes (curb bump outs) alternating between north and south sides of the road to slow traffic to a speed better suited for a neighborhood street. The alternating chicanes would provide some on-street parking on both sides of Oak.
2. Street trees planted in the chicanes to enhance the shade on the sidewalk for pedestrians and bicyclists.
3. Green painted bike lanes that go straight behind the landscaped chicanes, protecting bike riders from traffic in some areas.
4. The use of the historic lamp post type street lights rather than the standard, large overhead streetlights.
This type of “complete street” is something the City has been talking about in its plans for a few years now, yet they have not implemented this type of project. For the city to go all in on this project, Phoenix residents need to show the city how much it is wanted in the neighborhood. Neighbors believe the City will end up doing a basic paint striping if residents do not show them that something more progressive is wanted. Oak could be a model project for future bicycle and pedestrian scale infrastructure improvements across Phoenix.
PS: Some clarifications, this proposed new treatment would be on all the 45’ and 40’ wide street sections from 3rd st all the way to the 51. Neighbors are proposing these as add on items and are not proposing changing what is already proposed below:
o Adding sidewalk between 10th St and Dayton;
o Further slowing traffic through the Traffic Circle on 12th St, via a design TBD.
o Redoing the ‘alley’ from 14th st to 16th st to discourage high rates of vehicle speeds through the narrow section.
The Coronado Neighborhood Association supports these improvements, and interested persons are encouraged to support the project as well by signing a petition: