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What do "red marks" and "green marks" mean in a dog's pedigree?

A "red mark" means that the dog is a champion, which means the dog has accumulated a certain number of points in dog shows and has earned his title.


A "green mark" means that the dog is a Sire of Merit or a Dam of Merit.


Red marks and green marks do indicate that the dog has been proven to be of sound health, temperament and conforms to the prescribed "Breed Standard". Does this guarantee that their offspring is of the same superb quality? No, not necessarily.


If your dog doesn't have "red marks" or "green marks", does this mean your dog is of a substandard quality? Absolutely not. If just means that the owners of the dogs in your dog's pedigree didn't take the time and effort to consistently show the dogs.


So, in one way it means nothing – you can breed the best to the best and still not get a dog that wins in shows.


Some breeders value it. It’s difficult to say. There is no formula for breeding dogs or what they are worth.


What makes one puppy better than another is his structure/movement, type/look, temperament and health.


If people aren’t showing, then health and temperament and conformity would be most important and championship pedigrees may not have anything to do with it.