I've had wake-up calls before. Falling ill changed my life but it took time and I went down really, really low before I could even begin to see light at the end of the tunnel.
I have a confession to make. As much as I have grown and changed over the years I also struggle with resistance. I hear people say that you need to have a BIG WHY in order to overcome your resistance, I get that. But can we just take a moment to think about resistance?
Resistance literally means hold back because it's designed to stop movement.
The dictionary defines Resistance as:
the impeding or stopping effect exerted by one material thing on another.
I want you to think of resistance as a huge dam that is stopping the river water from passing through to the other side. Most of the time we think the purpose of overcoming resistance is to get the water through, this means that we are satisfied just as long as this is happening. We equate the passing through of water no matter how small with change and success and congratulate ourselves on this sign of progress. Can I just say that's a grand delusion.
The fact that water is getting through is a very intelligent yet subtle appeasement technique of our defense mechanisms to make you feel like something is shifting and changing so that you will stop exerting force. But actually, it's meant to distract you from the fact that the dam is still there.
Let me say that again...
The Dam Is Still There.
It is still blocking, stopping, impacting and affecting what is happening on the other side. It's still impacting the quality of life in the river and the wildlife all around it. The ability of this entire eco-system to flourish is dependent on what is happening with that dam. If you want More Life in your life then you really need to stop settling for trickles of water and get really desperate and thirsty for an overflow!
That means it's time to BREAK-THROUGH the dam.
So, honestly ask yourself this question,
how desperate and thirsty am I for what's on the other side of the river?
***Watch out for part 2 in the next couple of days***